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Teen Talk: The Wacky Worlds of All Those Poor Freshmen

Just in case you forgot what it’s like to be a high school freshman, simply listen to McKinney’s Sarah Harper.

“I was really nervous,” Sarah said, ” and I didn’t know where anything was and I was late to first period, I had to ask where like everything was and I had to ask how to get to E hall and not to mention it took me took me like five minutes to get up the stairs I couldn’t really find any classes at all no matter what I did.

“I was late to first period because I could not find it and I walked in and everyone was already sitting down and there were no seats and I had to ask the teacher where to sit and it was really embarrassing.”

There you have it. The definition of `Freshman’: Clueless and confused underclassman who walks the hallways on the first day of school with their noses buried in their new schedules, squinting at it like it’s a map and trying desperately to find their way around campus.

The vivid memory of being petrified for the first day of high school is one you will never forget. The nerves of knowing people, having friends in your classes and lunch, and wondering if it was really like how the movies portrayed it.

“I picked out my outfit like a week before and I planned a ride with my friends because I didn’t want to go alone.” Sarah said. “I organized my school supplies because that is my favorite part and I even Skyped some friends the night before to see what everyone was wearing.”

The transition from middle school to high school is one of the biggest jumps in your educational career, because you are still young, naïve, and vulnerable. High school is the place where you figure out more real lessons about life because no one is there to hold your hand and escort you to class in a single file line anymore.

“There is a lot more freedom in high school like with cell phones and stuff,” Jack Solis said. “Your electives are really different in high school because you have way more choices and they probably do that because there are more students and they need more variety and get you ready for a real job.”

The most nerve-racking thing for freshmen seems to be finding their way around the campus and to their correct classes because they are not used to the set up of the school and only having five minutes to travel from class to class in the overly crowded hallways is not as easy as it looks.

The first few weeks are not all about finding you way around and meeting new people, but also learning a little bit more about the real world and observing how people work.

“I mean the classes are more challenging and you have a lot more choices like taking higher level classes.” Jack said.” People are nicer and mature, but they are more concerned with their social life more than their grades because they think they won’t have as much fun or something.”

Along with the heavier work load, new faces, and being around kids that are much older, comes the scare that every freshman worries about … Will the seniors really throw us against lockers? Will they put us in trash cans? Do they run the school?

“I was really nervous about not having anyone in my first class or at lunch,” Sarah said. ”I was also really nervous about getting thrown in the pool because some older kids had told us that the upperclassmen always throw freshmen into the pool as a joke, it never really happened or anything but I was worried it was true.”

The best tips for incoming freshmen are to not freak out, I promise no one will throw you in the pool or shove you into lockers like they do in the movies, try to be on time and learn beforehand how to get around the campus so you don’t feel overwhelmed on the first day, and do not be afraid to meet new people because even on the day of your graduation someone’s name will be called and you will think “Who is that? I didn’t even
know they went to my school.”

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column on Fridays, as well as other various stories during the week.

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