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Teen Talk: The Dangers of Senioritis

By Christine Baker, TSB Contributing Writer

Senioritis is a common disease in high school seniors when there is a lack of motivation to try to finish high school. From a teacher’s point of view, senioritis is a nightmare. Seniors don’t try in school anymore because they believe the school year is over for them, but for students it has a different meaning.

“Senioritis to me is already being accepted into a college and just not seeing a point in some of the stuff you’re learning in high school,” Tyler Hook said. “And also not even having anything really taught to us senior year.”

“Senioritis is the point in a high schooler’s life when, on a scale of 1-10, motivation level is 0.” Justin Hicks said.

Second semester is when, in our eyes, everything starts winding down. You’ve already been accepted into college, found a roommate, and paid for housing. So why should you care about high school anymore when you’ve already got plans for college? Other than to graduate and do the bare minimum, most seniors give up on high school and start to let it go because we’ve got bigger and better plans for next year.

“It make you feel invincible,” Adria Packard said. “but the worst part is that the plans aren’t really in effect yet and you have to try and see if you’re exempt from finals or not.”

“I really don’t care anymore,” Shane Walker said. “So I don’t have to stress and I’m slacking pretty hard in classes.”

“Oh boy, I’ve had senioritis since I was a freshman.” Hailey Kilgo said. “There are so many adventures that I’m looking forward to once I graduate.”

It seems like everyone has senioritis, but what about the guy that finishes as number 1? Don’t worry, even McKinney High School’s Class of 2012 Valedictorian is suffering from a bit of senioritis.

“I personally have senioritis because I feel like I made my high school classes too difficult and it is unimaginably refreshing to not have to worry about school.” Hicks said. “I was not motivated to necessarily be Valedictorian, but to be the best that God created me to be. Through my years of high school I have learned that I cannot, no matter how much I want to try, change or predict what my life will be like. Honestly, I believe that being Valedictorian is the result of me embracing (not always willingly) the individual tasks that God would have me to do.”

Once our GPA and class rank is frozen after the third semester, the motivation to try hard to finish out high school is minimal. Want to know if your senior has senioritis?
Symptoms usually include:

1) Increased hours of sleep
2) Naps becoming more frequent after school
3) Books collecting excessive amounts of dust
4) Trying to skip school because “We aren’t doing anything important today”
5) Excessively updating Tweets, Facebook status’, and Instagram photos
6) Staying out late on school nights and sleeping during class
7) For girls: Wearing shorts, t shirts, and a ponytail everyday
8) Only taking a pen to class
9) Having to take a phone charger to school because you’ve used up your battery by 3rd period
10) Getting a 70 on a test and thinking “Sweet, I passed!” and then Tweeting about it

Does anyone you know display these symptoms? Only a few weeks of high school to go!

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