Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Teen Talk: Super Bowl Mania is Upon Us

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

In Texas, football is a huge deal, so the Super Bowl might as well be declared a state holiday. The Super Bowl usually means food, rivalry, and a spectacular halftime show. Most teenagers live and breathe football, so at the high school there’s just as much rivalry and passion as anywhere else.

“This super bowl is exciting because it’s the Giants and the Patriots which is a huge rivalry!” Catherine Festa said. “Plus there is a lot at stake for both teams.”

“It will be fun just like every other year because the whole family gets together,” Jacob Kohlshmidt said. “And the food is always great!”

While it seems that many Texas teens follow the super bowl mania trend, some are not as interested.

“To be honest I don’t even know what teams are playing,” Rebekah Jacobsen said. “I enjoy college football more than pro, but the commercials are always awesome.”

“I’m kind of disappointed with the super bowl this year,” Tyler Hook said. “Because we already saw these teams play from the Super Bowl like four years ago.”

Loyal and bandwagon fans heighten the tension with their support for their favorite teams.

“I’m rooting for the Giants,” Rachelle Dytko said. “Simply because I don’t like the Patriots.”

“I’m rotting for the Patriots this year,” Tyler Hook said. “Mainly because I’m a 49ers fan and I pretty much hate the Giants.”

“I guess I don’t care as much because the Cowboys aren’t playing,” Jacob said. “But I’m going for the Giants because the Patriots are always too cocky.”

The Super Bowl is a big event, so there are some memorable moments that come with it.

“My most memorable Super Bowl was definitely when Justin Timberland took off Janet Jackson’s shirt at the halftime show!” Catherine said.

“I’ll never forget when the Saints won two years ago,” Rachelle said. “They are my favorite team.”

The game has become a tradition, and so have some of the celebrations for this event.

“Every year we have a big family party,” Tyler said. “Its pretty much a big family thing for us.”

“Even though I’m not too into it I still watch it,” Rebekah said. “My youth group always has a party where we watch it on a jumbo screen.”

So I guess you could say that the Super Bowl has become its own holiday here in Texas no matter who is playing. It has its own celebrations with screaming Dads drinking beer, a family cook out, a little friendly competition, and as expected every year, epic commercials and a memorable halftime show.

TSB Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High. Watch for her column on Fridays.

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