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Teen Talk: Smartphone Apps We Really Like

“What are you going to do if the power shuts off?” My dad always teases me, “How on earth will you survive without text messages and your phone?” Adults, you see us on our phones all the time, but what are we really doing? I mean other than texting of course. Well, if we’re not texting, we’re using the games and apps on our smartphones.

10.  Pandora: Pandora is a radio app that lets you create a playlist based on the artists and songs you like. After you have created your playlist, Pandora will play other music to give you suggestions on other songs you might like based on the choices in your playlist. You can even make multiple playlists like country, rap, rock and alternative. Every playlist can be listened to separately or you can shuffle them all together. This is a fun app for whenever you’re on the go and want something new other than the same music that’s been on your iTunes for the past 2 months.

“My favorite part is that it is like an XM radio,” Hannah Behrends said. “But I get to choose what plays and it introduces you to songs you know you’re going to like because they sound like other bands.”

“I love how easy it is,” Catherine Festa said. “You seriously type in one song or artist and then you get hours of music that match it. It is great to fit whatever mood you’re in.”

9. IFunny: This app is just what it sounds like, Funny! It is full of hilarious pictures that will brighten up your day. I have this app, I look at it every day and my friends, and I all send each other the best pictures we find. The best part about it is that there are new pictures added constantly so you never get bored of looking at the same old stuff.

“In Ifunny, I love going into the most recent column, because there are always new pictures that get posted twice a day,” Sabrina Jamal said. “I use it during all my classes because it can be better than taking notes!”

8. Shazam: This is another app for music lovers. Have you ever been in the car and heard a song you love but can’t figure out the name of it? If you have the Shazam app on your phone, all you have to do is hold out your phone while the song plays and Shazam will figure out what song it is and provide it’s information. Pretty snazzy right?

“I use Shazam basically as a lazy way to keep up with the songs I want to download,” Shelby Tauber said. “Instead of having to do the daunting task of physically writing down the song name and artists, I just click on a button and within 10 seconds I have all the information I need ready for me to look at whenever.”

7. Temple Run: This game is fun to play no matter how old you are, and I promise that if you play once, you’ll be hooked. In the game, you are a guiding a figure that is running through a temple and you have swipe the screen to move your character and avoid running into objects or off the path. It sounds like a simple child’s game, but it can keep you entertained for an entire class period, so that’s pretty good.

“It’s just really addictive,” Nicole Gostic said. “Because each time you try and beat your old scores and all of your friends.”

6. Instagram: This is a photo editing and sharing app. Instagram lets you edit your photos on your phone and add cool effects before you post them. This has become very popular among teens. When you take a picture and want to upload it, your picture always goes through an instagram clean up first.

“I always like to edit my pictures before I post them to spice them up,” Rachelle Dytko said. “I also like to see what all of my friends are posting.”

5. Zynga With Friends: The “with friends” apps have all been popular from the start with Words With Friends to Hanging With Friends, and now Scramble With Friends. These games are fun because it’s interactive and you can play against your friends and make it a competition. Everyone loves these apps, and not just because its creators live right here in McKinney!

“I mainly play hanging, words, and scramble. I like scramble the best with words being a close second,” Steven Lauterbach said. “I like the fast, competitive, rush and thrill you get from being timed on scramble, but I also like the methodical aspect of planning out your strategy on words. They are an enjoyable game you can challenge, or dominate, your friends without having to put it a ton of effort and time.”

4. Twitter: Twitter’s popularity is increasing incredibly, and some even use it instead of Facebook. You can Tweet your feelings and thoughts and tag your friends or add a funny hash tag, #, at the end of your tweet. #wowthat’scool

“Its just cool to see what everyone’s up to and stuff,” Brooke Fangio said. “I like being able to share my thoughts and opinions about things.”

3. Facebook: We all know it and love it, it is one of the most used apps and is always found on the iTunes top 25. You get notifications, status updates, and group invites all on your phone. I have never met another teen with a smartphone that didn’t have the Facebook app on their phone, now that’s crazy.

“My favorite part is probably just being able to keep up with my friends and family from my phone,” Emily Neerings said. “I use it because it’s a good time waster and I enjoy keeping up with friends.”

2. Dragonvale: It may sound ridiculous, but this game with dragons is one of the most popular games to come around since the “With Friends” games were introduced. In this game, you breed dragons, but not just any dragons. These are fictional dragons such as blue fire, scorch, swamp, moss, tree, and for Valentine’s Day, they even had a love dragon. You breed dragons to get other types of dragons, but the best part is that when you breed, the dragon you get is totally random! You level up your dragons by feeding them and you buy habitats whenever your dragons hatch.

“Breeding the dragons and anticipating for what dragon you will get is my favorite part,” Paige Falco said. “I use it so much because I got addicted quickly and then it became challenging to get all the dragons.”

1. Pinterest: Pinterest is also available on the web, but the app makes everything accessible whenever you need it. This app is more popular with girls that it is with guys because it is a board posted with things such as clothes, recipes, things for the home, fashion tips, and many other categories. Anyone can post something and whenever you come across something you love you can “Pin it” and save it to one of your categories so you can check it out whenever you want. If you see something you like you can “like” it and save it to your “likes” section. You connect through Facebook, but must request an invite to start pinning. You can see what all your friends are pining and since new things are constantly being added, you can always find new stuff to pin.

“By far the greatest thing about Pinterest is that it puts every type of interest some one might even have from cooking to entertainment, saved all on one board that allows you to share it with your friends,” Jackie Harrison said. “I’m addicted to the site because I have all the `material’ things I love now at my fingertips and it gives me new ideas for cooking, decorating and clothing everyday.”

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker’s column appears Fridays on TSB.

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