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Teen Talk: MORP Madness at MHS

By Christine Baker

Most people call it “Sadie Hawkins,” but at McKinney High School we call it MORP.

MORP is prom spelled backwards, which means exactly what it sounds like. It’s the opposite of Prom. It is a girl’s choice dance, and girls usually ask their dates in creative ways and pay for the entire evening. It’s a traditional dance at MHS that is available for all grade levels and is something everyone looks forward to. It’s coming up Saturday, Jan. 28.

“I‘ve really enjoyed it for the past 2 years that I’ve gone. “ Rebekah Jacobsen said. “I like it because it’s a great social setting to just hang out, and the chocolate fountain is awesome! Until it gets on your white dress.”

The dance is very popular but can also be fairly expensive by the time you get your hair, shoes, nails, dress, transportation, dinner, accessories, and corsage paid for. So, many groups decide to branch out and do something a little different.

“I think MORP is fun and I loved it the three years I went, but as a senior, I feel like I’m not missing out on anything so why not try something else?” Adria Packard said.” I decided not to go this year just because I knew exactly what would happen. I would waste money on a dress, dinner, and a ticket for a boy who could care less, take a bunch of pictures that would make my face and feet hurt, then leave the dance early because I’d get tired and bored. Instead, we are going to buy our dates T-shirts that look like (tuxedos) and then go play whirly ball in Plano and then come back to McKinney and have a bonfire.”

For the boys, handing over the responsibility of planning over to the girls is no problem, especially when they’re not paying for anything except for a suit and tie.

“I think its awesome that it’s girls choice, “ Shane Walker said. ”It gives the guy’s wallet, or their parents a break.”

“I think that making a girls choice dance makes it so much fun because its fun to see what kind of date you get.” Eliott Parkman said.” It keeps everyone guessing.”

Although it may seem like the guys are going along for the ride and free food, some of them actually enjoy going out on a special night with their date.

“I really like MORP because it gives me a chance not to have to worry about planning or paying for much,” Garrett Garner said. “My favorite part of the night would have to be seeing Nicole walk downstairs with her hair and makeup all done and dressed up in a beautiful dress with a huge sparkling smile on her face.”

One of the most exciting things about MORP, is seeing how creative the girls get when asking their dates.

This year, I asked my date, Matt Barkis, by gathering six boxes that could all fit inside of each other. While he was out I put the giant present under his tree. When he opened the biggest box there was a smaller one inside of it with an “M” on it and a present inside the box, and then a smaller box inside of that one with an “O”on it, etc.

“I asked Cody by decorating his room, and I made waves everywhere out of streamers and put it all over his walls,” Jasmine Santos said. “I secretly placed a fish on a fishing pole in the room and at the end of the hook I wrote “look In the bag” and in there was a bait bag that said “out of all the fish in the sea will you go to MORP with me?”

However, the most creative one I heard of this year was one done by photographer Shelby Tauber. She used glow lights in a picture to ask her date while they were hanging out taking silly pictures.

After the dance, many groups get together and have breakfast since it’s usually about 1 a.m. when you get home. And by the end of the night everyone is exhausted, but almost every agrees that it’s totally worth it.

“I think everyone should go at least once,” Shane said. “Its one of those high school things you just have to experience.”

TSB Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High.

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