Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Teen Talk: MHS Athletes React to Move to 5A Beginning Next School Year

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

It’s official. McKinney High and McKinney Boyd are going to be playing in the District 10-5A for sports, which means that because our school population increased, we will be playing the four biggest schools in Texas in Allen, Plano East, Plano West, and Plano High.

Also,  Boyd vs. MHS football game will no longer be a fun pre-district game – this time the numbers count. After an 0-10 football season at MHS, this was news that no one wanted to hear.

“I think that we’re going to be in a bit over our heads,” junior cross country runner Sam Anich said. “Trying to compete with schools like Boyd and Allen who have access to better facilities and resources than we do.”

Although it’s going to be a challenge, some students view the 5A decision from a more optimistic standpoint.

“This is a great opportunity for the football team to prove to everyone that we are a new team compared to last year,” sophomore football player Austin Tankersly said. “We are good and can hang out with those teams.”

“I know we will be facing harder schools,” sophomore swimmer Nick Barkis said. “but I think we can step up to the plate and hold our own against the 5A teams. We will continue to grow and improve.”

The news has kept everyone biting their nails as they look at our opponents and competition for next year, so training will now be more intense than ever.

“The worst part will probably be the impatient fans with the slow start,” sophomore cheerleader and golfer Lynda Lilly said. “But hopefully they stay supportive and who knows, we could do pretty well right away. I hear the off season programs are already starting to train hard.”

“I think it’s going to make winning sports a lot more difficult,” junior baseball player Nathan Asham said. “We’re going to get dominated and the only good thing is that we get more money for the school, but overall my standards for 5A are pretty low.”

Although expectations for next year are still up in the air, it will push athletes to improve and get their heads in the game so they compete with the larger, more experienced schools.

“I know it will be a big change that is going to affect our school in a huge way,” sophomore cheerleader Amanda Bulot said. “I think it will be really hard to compete with these huge schools so getting a win will be harder than ever, but it will push all of us athletes to work harder.”

McKinney High is nervous as they were comfortable with the 4A teams, and although the appeal didn’t pass to be moved to 11-5A with Garland, Boyd’s athletes think they still have a good fighting chance.

“I mean the closest school to Boyd has 2,000 more students so that’s kind of unfair considering they have more talent and variety in their student body,” sophomore football player Ty Long said. “It won’t affect my performance at all but we might not dominate as much as we did in our other bracket, and now we have more competition so we have a better range of people to beat.”

Moving into the 10-5A district will be a challenge for both schools, but reflecting on past years will motivate everyone to do better.

“I’m really going to miss some of the great teams we got to play in the 4A district,” Amanda said.

“I’ll miss dominating McKinney High for fun and overall winning in our bracket,” Ty said.

“The strong competition will be a good motivator for all of us to get better; no one wants to be last place,” Sam said. “It will take some getting used to but by the end of the season we will be right up there contending for the top.”

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column weekly.

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