Monday , 18 June 2018

Teen Talk: Lion Nation and Red Nation Square Off Friday Night, Not Just Their Football Teams

By Catherine Festa, TSB Staff

In case you haven’t heard the buzz around town, there’s a game Friday night. But this game is about more than just football. It’s about rivalry, cross town-showdown, bragging rights, playoff spots, and pride. It’s the McKinney vs. McKinney Boyd game.

It’s Lion Nation vs. Red Nation.

Since the beginning of the year, Boyd and McKinney have been at each other on who has the most spirit and which school is McKinney’s top-dog. After losing their first game, McKinney Boyd seniors came up with the idea of Red Nation to rally up fans that would fill up the stands on Friday nights. And from there on out, Red Nation exploded.

However, it didn’t take too long for McKinney High to bounce back with an even bigger statement of spirit. After only two months of school, I can see just how much this Lion Nation vs. Red Nation has inspired the packed stands that take place at Ron Poe Stadium every Friday night.

Now at first, I thought that the kids at both schools were being absolutely ridiculous. But now I can see how much this rivalry has helped represent each school in the best way possible. It has demonstrated just how passionate the student bodies are about their team and their school. I have seen kids that I have been going to school with since elementary school come out of their shell and just give it all they’ve got to represent their love for their school. 

As a Lion of four years, I have never seen the stands so packed and so much blue and gold in my life. The spirit of the student body is undeniable and no one is stopping anytime soon. After all, after an 0-10 season last year and then winning our first four games and currently standing with a 5-4 record, I guess you could see why Lion Nation is so powerful. Up to this point, McKinney has supported their Lions and Lionettes whether it was a win or a loss on the scoreboard. And Friday night, I know that the students and teachers have tons in store for the stands to make sure this town knows just how crazy we all are about our school.

However, I’ve got to give Boyd some props. Week after week, we go back and forth, and I don’t doubt for a second that they have a trick up their sleeve for Friday night. Red Nation has definitely taken Boyd by storm and although that’s my school’s rivalry, I look forward to seeing what they have prepared … even though I don’t think it will be nearly as good as McKinney.

Two weeks ago, McKinney High volleyball hosted Boyd in the last game of the season. For a district volleyball game, the crowds were treating it like a state championship. Drums, cowbells, trumpets, trombones, costumes, signs, and noise makers were just a few of the items that flooded the stands on both sides  … along with painted faces that were eager for a win. Lion Nation and Red Nation came out to not only support their volleyball teams, but also prove which nation truly was dominant. After five matches, Boyd did come out on top in volleyball. But I must say (even though I am a tad biased) that I think Lion Nation won the spirit contest. And that night was only a preview for what Friday night has in store.

At the end of Friday night, we will all know what school truly dominates McKinney and who sits at the top of the pyramid. But win or lose, I think both schools will benefit from Friday night. It will not only represent each school in a great way, but it will unite each school in a night no one will ever forget.

Teen Talk columnist Catherine Festa is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column and stories throughout the year.

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