Thursday , 26 April 2018

Teen Talk: It’s Spring Break, Which Means Different Things to Different Students

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

McKinney ISD’s spring break is next week. And for teenagers, this consists of three main things; nice weather, vacations, and most importantly, no school. For some, spring break is the time of year for tropical vacations, or the time to pick up a few more shifts at work.

“This year we’re going to San Diego because my mom wanted to go on a trip as a together,” senior Kensey Gates said. “Just the two of us since I’ll be leaving for college next year. We’re going shopping and down to the Hollywood area.”

“My friend always goes somewhere exotic for spring break,” senior Paige Falco said. “She just invited me to go to the Bahamas this year!. There is a private island we are going to where we will get to hang out at the beach and ride horses.”

Although many take luxurious trips, others put a different twist on their time off.

“Almost all Mormon high school kids are going on a three-day ‘trek’,” senior Adria Packard said. “We’re reenacting the pioneers that crossed the plains in the early 1800s to escape religious persecution. We have to dress up and push handcarts, sleep in tents, and make our own food; the whole nine yards. We’re going because most of us have ancestors who were a part of the real thing and it’s a huge part of the organization of our church so out of honor, respect, and a desire to try ourselves physically and spiritually we go walk and do all of that stuff for three days.”

“I’m going on a mission trip to New Orleans,” junior Rebekah Jacobsen said. “We are going to fix some houses and clean up the ninth ward.”

While many teens in McKinney have some big plans for the break, some of us, such as myself, will be staying home to pick up some extra shifts at work and catch up on many hours of sleep that have been lost due to schoolwork. Even though everyone is doing different things, we all seem to love spring break for the same reason;

“I love not having to go to school!” Rebekah said.

“The best part about spring break is not having any homework.” Paige said.

“My favorite part is definitely not having school.” Adria said.

“I love not having to go to school and it’s a nice break off from all the work.” Kensey said.

TSB contributor Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her Teen Talk column weekly.

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