Monday , 21 May 2018

Teen Talk: Hungry for The Hunger Games

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

From buying tickets a month in advance, to making T-shirts, to waiting in line, until the 12:01am premiere, hundreds of people awaited the showing of The Hunger Games.

I read all three books over the winter break on my Kindle Fire and was immediately hooked! The Hunger Games is a story about 12 districts that are all ruled by “the capitol” and many years ago a rebellion broke out. “The Hunger Games” was a punishment and reminder for the districts because of the rebellion. In the games, 2 children — 1 boy and 1 girl — are chosen at random from each district between the ages of 8-11, these children are the district’s tributes and must fight to the deatth until one victor remains. The winner’s district is awarded food and riches for a year until the next games.

Although it sounds bizarre, I promsie you that you’ll be hooked. There is just one thing that people need to understand: This is NOT Twilight or Harry Potter… it is its own stort and is not only for teenage girls; it’s a great read for everyone.

The movie did an excellent job following the book in my opinion. Although they left out a few things, which lets face it.. almost every movie has to. The cast was perfect and the outfits were just as stunning as I had pictured them. The wait was totally worth it and my friends and I were so excited that we bought our tickets almost a month before and made T-shirts. Our shirts had a logo from the internet with all 3 book symbols on the front and a famous quote on the back. It is definitely a movie worth seeing but just as a word of advice, read the book before you see the movie because if not you’ll be very confused.

Good luck on your reading/movie watching and “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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