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Teen Talk: Graduation with the Class of 2012 is Almost Here

By Christine Baker, TSB Contributor

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, it’s finally here! Graduation. It’s time for all of our hard work to pay off and walk the stage with our peers on Friday, June 1. With all of the standardized tests that we’ve suffered through, we deserve a change of pace.

“I’m looking forward to walking across the stage and throwing my hat at the end of the ceremony,” Brianne Hansen said. “My family will be in town and it will be fun to celebrate with all of my friends.”

“I’m looking forward to just being done with high school,” Demi Metzger said. “I want to have a great last summer with my friends.”

“I’m looking forward to finally seeing the conclusion to the last 13 years of our lives,” Collin Tate said. “We worked so hard to live these past few weeks, and I’m just hoping it’s worth it.”

Along with walking the stage, many people throw parties for families and friends to attend (and maybe bring a gift or two). My friend Emily Neerings and I are having a graduation party together and throwing it at her house at her pool to have everyone over and celebrate.

“Yes I’m having a graduation party,” Tate said. “Because my mom planned and wanted it. I personally would rather have the money we put into putting this party together.”

“I’m having a party because my parents love to throw parties,” Metzger said.

To add some spice to the graduation ceremony, students decorate their caps with the school they will be attending. For the ceremony, most girls pick a special outfit or shoes to wear for pictures afterwards.

“I’m decorating my cap,” Metzger said. “Because graduation gowns are pretty hideous and I have to do something to express myself. I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear, but I will definitely wear great shoes.”

“I’m not decorating my cap,” Bradley Beck said. “I’m not artsy fartsy, that takes effort, and I will be rocking the jeans and t-shirt.”

In the evening after the ceremony, McKinney High has its infamous Project Graduation. This is an event that all MISD seniors are invited to and they can play games and win money, prizes and even a car! The event lasts all night long and seniors can bring another friend for a $20 fee. There’s always so much to do and all three schools are invited.

“I am going to Project Graduation,” Metzger said. “Because it’s the last thing we are going to do with out whole senior class and you can also win stuff, so why not?”

“I had friends go last year and they said it was so much fun,” Brianne Hansen said. “Plus they give away a lot of stuff and a car, which would be really awesome to win since I share a car with my two sisters. (Brianne is a triplet.)

Everyone loves the excitement of graduating, but everyone has plans for after. Where is everyone going? I know I’m going to the University of North Texas to major in either Public or International Relations and Minor in Journalism.

“I am going to West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas,” Hansen said. “I want to major in medicine because I am probably going to become a pharmacist.”

“I am attending the University of Texas and plan on getting a business degree,” Metzger said.

“I’m going to the University of Arkansas,” Brooke Fangio said. “I want to major in marketing.”

“I’m going to UNT for radio, television, broadcasting, and film,” Tate said.

“I am going to CCCC and then transferring either to A&M or the University of Utah,” Khali Yougas said. “And majoring in education.”

“I’m going to Oklahoma State and majoring in genetics,” Bradley Beck said.

McKinney High School’s ceremony is at 2:30 at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. At the end of it all, we’ve made it through High School, now off to college we go.

And even though there are Mayan rumors about the year of 2012, we like to live by the MHS senior class motto:

“The World’s Not Ending, We’re Just Taking Over.”

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