Tuesday , 19 June 2018

Teen Talk: Christmas Break Is Among Us

By Catherine Festa, TSB Staff

Only 24 hours until complete freedom, my friends. I have never been so ready for a 14-day break in my life. After such a hectic and crazy first semester of senior year, I have successfully made it through and completed all of my college applications.

With all the stress and work and pressure out of the way, I’m just excited to chill out and spend time with those who I rarely get to see since everyone’s lives are always so crazed. Not only will I be filling my three days before Christmas with loads of holiday things to get into the sprit (which quite honestly I’ve been in since Thanksgiving) but I will also be enjoying a Christmas Eve party with my family’s 60 closest friends and sitting next to my brother, who is finally home from college. This break is going to be all about doing things I rarely get to do and seeing people I rarely get to see.

For quite possibly the first time in my life, I am going into a break with no books to read for English, no projects, no assignments whatsoever except to sleep. Quite honestly, I plan on devoting 75% of my break to sleep alone. I suppose I will have to wake up and open the blinds at some point though (perhaps on Christmas).

Plus I can’t forget the heaping plates of food my mom will cook and the sweets people always drop off. I suppose I should look into joining a gym … but then again I say that every Christmas season and end up never doing so! Why start now?

In all honesty, this break is going to be spent surrounding myself with the people I love. With it being my last Christmas before fleeing off into the wonders of adulthood, I intend on enjoying every meal my parents still pay for and every moment I have with them.

Before I wrap this up, there are a certain group of people in Connecticut whom to me is known as my crazy Italian family who I will not get to see this holiday season. I am so glad I get to spend Christmas at home, but I am definitely going to miss opening presents with them, playing in the snow and laughing at our moms for being tipsy and thinking they sound good at karaoke (whoops, probably shouldn’t have thrown that one in there). This article is dedicated to all of you! Although we are on the other side of the country, I know we will all be in each other’s thoughts on Christmas.

As for all of you out there, try to relax and enjoy these times. Do something crazy or stay in for the night with the family and watch movies. Forget about all the pressure of the world and maybe slip out of reality for a few days. I know I sure do intend to.

TSB columnist Catherine Festa is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her Teen Talk columns and other stories on Town Square Buzz.

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