Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Teen Talk: All You Need to Know About High School’s Social Agenda

By Catherine Festa, TSB Staff Writer

Just like any other teen, I’ve been to my fair share of high school events. While some leave you wanting them to last another few hours, others leave you disappointed. But either way, it’s all a part of high school.

But let’s be real, if you go to a high school in Texas, football will be huge. Any home game, spirit day, or pep rally is going to be attended by almost every student and fan out there.

Homecoming is perhaps the biggest event in the fall for any high school. It’s a week-long event full of theme days where students dress up, fun traditions such as battle of the bands, and of course the homecoming dance and game.

McKinney North and Boyd usually make their dances formal, while McKinney High stays casual for theirs. McKinney Boyd kicks off homecoming season in McKinney this weekend, followed by McKinney North on October 5, and then McKinney High on October 19. In my opinion, if you’re not a football-guru and only want to go to one game, then homecoming is the one to attend. It’s a great way for teens to show off their school spirit – if you have any.

Next up on the social agenda – the rivalry game. Unfortunately, McKinney North will not duel it out with either McKinney Boyd or High, but Boyd and High are the final game of the season on November 9 and this is definitely the most competitive night of the year. Each year I am amazed by how badly the two schools want to beat each other and the lengths everyone goes to, to prove who will end up on top of the McKinney football totem pole.

By the time December rolls around, there is one thing and one thing only that each girl is thinking about…winter formal (also known as MORP at McKinney High). Being someone who has asked a guy each time I’ve gone, I had found that the hype is really more exciting than the actual event. We girls spend hundreds of dollars of our money (or our parent’s) on a dress, shoes, nails, hair, make-up, tickets, dinner, ect. Each girl obsesses over making sure she is are decked out to the nines. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming up with a creative, yet cheesy way to ask my date. But is it really worth it? No, it’s not. I am reminded at each winter formal I go to that I spent $80 on tickets to dance in room with hundreds of other kids and nearly $300 on an outfit that I wore for five hours. But come December, I, and every other girl in McKinney, will go back to our old ways and pull out the credit cards. The guys, on the other hand, will just want to know where they’re eating dinner and then leave the rest to their moms.

After three months of planning winter formal, all that’s left is prom. I have yet to attend a prom since it is only senior prom, but I must say I am definitely looking forward to the boys doing all the work and paying, especially after the girls have done it for four years straight.

Whether you’re a naïve freshman, an in between sophomore or junior, or a top- dog senior, you don’t want to miss out on these experiences. Although they may seem cliché and a waste of time, it really is all part of the high school experience. Enjoy.

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