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Teen Talk: 10 Things I’ll Miss Most About High School

Editor’s Note: Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker, a senior at McKinney High, offers a top-10 list of what she’ll miss most after the school year is complete.

10. Being at the top of the food chain. There is nothing better than being a senior because you are considered the top dog. Almost everything that happens at the school revolves around you, and even if it really doesn’t it feels like it does. It pays off to go through three years of being an underclassman and staring at the seniors with envy because they don’t have the TAKS or the PSAT tests, so on those days they sleep longer, they have senior release, and are eligible for exemptions on the final exams both semesters. Living life as a senior is pretty carefree, and your main focus is applying to colleges and determining your major.

9. Pep Rallies. Recognizing sports teams and providing entertainment for the entire school to get them pumped up for a big game is so much fun! There are only four pep rallies a year. Sports teams are recognized and talk about their status for the season, and the band, Marquettes, cheerleaders, and mascots all prepare performances to get the student body excited for the big game that night. It is always so much fun to see kids dance to drum line and cheer during the performances, pep rallies are the heart of our school spirit.

8. School dances. Getting dressed up, taking pictures, and going out to eat before school dances creates memories that will last forever. After high school there won’t be a homecoming dance, morp, or prom. Dresses that formal are hardly ever worn at all anymore, but its fun to get dressed up while you can. Even though it is stressful picking out a dress and deciding on a place for dinner, school dances are the fairytale moments you dream of when you are younger and the cherished memories you look back on when you’re older.

7. Yearbook and broadcasting deadlines. Staying up school until midnight is not as fun as it sounds. Although we go to deadlines to work, many inside jokes are always created and funny memories are created. If you are stuck in a room with the same group of people for over five hours, something crazy is going to happen. With the journalism kids at MHS, there will never be a boring deadline and you can always expect great homemade food!

6. MHS traditions. Traditions such as Beat the Drum and Crosstown Showdown never get old. For beat the drum, we beat an empty oil can decorated in McKinney North colors the week the play them in football and the drum is being hit from the kickoff of the junior varsity game on Thursday night to the kick off of the varsity game on Friday night. Yes, we beat the drum all night long and no one ever stops. The Crosstown Chow Down is our competition with North to see which school receives the most money by eating at Chick-Fil-A as much as possible the week of the game. These traditions should never die out because they motivate us to be more spirited and supportive of our school. It is a blast to beat the drum from 3 to 4 a.m. and then go eat breakfast at Chick-Fil-A before school.

5. Crazy spirit days. Every Friday during football season and all throughout red ribbon week and homecoming the school promotes spirit days where everyone dresses up to show their spirit. There is Twin Day, Nerd Day, Superhero Day, 80s day and a few others. I love dressing up and seeing everyone in their outfits because it’s something you don’t see everyday and the people that go over the top with their outfits are always the best! It shows involvement in school and helps promote school spirit. Even though there isn’t a dress code in college, I know I won’t be dressing up like a superhero everyday.

4. Familiar faces. I have gone to school in McKinney ever since kindgarten and have grown up with nearly half of the people in my class. I can’t imagine going to school without some of these people and not seeing them everyday. It’s not just the students either. Some of the teachers I’ve known for quite a while, too. Some are my neighbors. Some  I grew close to when I was their student, and now that my brother is getting older he has them, too. I love to go visit them in their old classrooms.

3. Mom and Dad’s cooking and laundry service. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to eat but nothing ever beats Dad’s grilled hamburgers or Mom’s salsa. Coming home to a home cooked meal is something I will miss the most because I know that as a college student, I’m going to be living off of Ramen and microwaveable dinners. Gourmet at it’s finest. As embarrassing as it is to say, I don’t have the slightest clue
how to do laundry. My clothes accumulate into a humongous pile all throughout the week and on the weekend I dump them in the hamper for my mom to wash. I’m hoping to learn a little about doing laundry but coming home every other week or so to “visit with the family” and I will just so happen to being a huge pile of dirty
clothes with me.

2. Involvement and unity. Although McKinney High is a big school, there is still a sense of unity and involvement with all of the students. You see the same people every day and you know a lot of the teachers before you even sign up for the class. It’s going to feel strange going to college on a campus that is so big I know I’m bound to get lost, have classes of 40 or more students, have a roommate I don’t know, and not know anything or anyone. High school prepares you for college academically, but in other aspects it’s not the same. Everything is enclosed in one big building and everyone goes to pep rallies and football games, and
everyone is usually between 13 and 18 years old. College is going to be more diverse and require me to be a lot more independent, which sounds fun but at the same time a little bit scary.

1. Cheering at the football games. Without a doubt, I know I will miss cheering at Friday night football games more than anything. I have been a cheerleader all four years of high school and I have cheered at every game we’ve had. It has been such a huge part of my life that now; I’m not sure what I’m going to do since I won’t be cheering in college. Friday nights are always so emotional, cheering on the boys whether we’re winning or loosing and running up the field like maniacs following the ball and yelling until we lost our voices. Tonight, Friday, Nov. 4, is my last time to cheer at a football game forever. Most of the girls on the squad have been together since freshmen year and we’ve all grown so close that it’s going to be nearly impossible to just let it all go. We’ve always been so excited to be seniors and be at the top, but we never really realized that being at the top meant it would be the last time to do everything. After tonight I will hang up my uniform and the next time I attend a football game, I’ll be cheering from the stands.

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column on Fridays.

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