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Teen Talk: 10 Great Gift Ideas for Your Teen

With the holiday season approaching, it seems to be difficult to find the perfect gift, especially for teens, so here are a few ideas that might help you get on the right track.

10. Xbox 360. Although this game system has been out since 2005, the Xbox 360 is still wildy popular. With add-on games being made for the system such as the Kinect, which is an interactive motion- sensor that allows you to act as the controller, Xbox has created many games such as Dance Central that everyone loves. Also, the Xbox Live membership allows players to interact with others around the world while in game play. This system is a great gift for all ages and although the price ranges from about $140-$250 the gaming possibilities are endless.

9. Toms. These popular shoes have become a staple product in a teenage world. It seems like almost everyone has Toms, or various versions of them. Toms shoes can be found in most department stores and are popular amoung teenage girls and boys. Their fun designs and initiative to give a pair to a child in need, gives everyone more incentive to buy a pair of the fashionable shoes. Toms are usually priced $44-$54 and from sparkles, animal prints, and basic colors everyone seems to have a love for Toms.

8. Digital Camera. Even though most people keep their photo albums on their cell phones, having a digital camera comes in handy for taking more pictures at events. With modern technology, digital cameras are more popular among young adults. Many digital cameras are great such as Nikon Coolpix, Cannon, or Kodak, but the most wanted camera this year seems to be the Nikon 1 J1 camera. Although its price tag of about $650 seems to be indimidating, it is a compact camera that has interchangeable lenses for special events. This is more important to those that take a large amount of pictures, but if you’re looking for something a bit more simple, then the Nikon Coolpix or Cannon Powershot might be a better option with prices of about $150. Just remember that every moment in life needs to be captured, because a picture tells a thousand words.

7. Dorm Accessories. With college quickly approaching, it is always a good idea to plan early and start getting dorm accessories at a good price. In most dorms the standard accessories would include a mini fridge, microwave, desk organizers, bookcase, picture frames, bulliten boards, TV, DVD player, ihome, towels, blankets, bedsheets (Twin XL), bathroom supplies, and many more. At many stores such as Target, you can register and make a list of what accessories exactly your teen would want, so you can just pick from their list and know that they’ll love and use it. Dorm accessories are a gift idea that will always been put to good use and great deals on these items always pop up around this time of year.

6. Concert Tickets. If your teen has a favorite band or artist, concert tickets are always sure to be a hit. For this generation music has become a huge part of teen’s lives and nothing is better than getting the opportunity to see your idols live at a concert with a few close friends or family members. Online at ticketmaster or stubhub, you can find deals on the hottest bands and artists, and to add a little something to this great gift a band T-Shirt would be fantastic to top it all off.

5. Northface Jacket. Although the weather in Texas doesn’t ever get too extremely cold, Northface jackets seem to be extremely popular. Soft from the inside out, these jackets come in multiple styles and a wide variety of colors. The most popular style for girls seems to be the Osito and for boys the Denali or the Khumbu jacket are common. Priced at about $100 depending on the style, Northface jackets make a fashion statement and help stay warm in this bi-polar holiday Texas weather.

4. Laptop. Now that technology has become such an important part of our lives, laptops are considered essential to a teenager. Most schoolwork, researching, and socializing is done through the internet and laptops are the perfect tool for all of this. MacBooks seem to be the most popular style, and with prices starting from about $1,200 they’re worth every penny. However, HP and Dell also have some fabulous laptops that can do just as much as the Macbooks but at a lower price. Laptops are becoming a necessity for teenagers, but when it comes down to picking one it all comes down to personal preference.

3. IPod/IPhone.  With the release of the new IPhone 4s and the various styles of ipods, either of these devices would make a spectacular gift. These apple products have increased their popularity over the years and continue to be one of the company’s best selling products. Serving many needs, the IPhone works as a camera, MP3, and phone all in one and starting at $199 it is purchase any teen would be happy with. For those who don’t have IPhones, an IPod serves the same purpose as the IPhone just without the cellular functions, and with the IPod shuffle at $50 any of the IPods would make a great gift.

2. Kindle/Nook. For reading books, magazines, watching movies, TV shows, and playing games the Kindle the Nook products make excellent gifts. Personally, the newest Kindle Fire was at the top of my list this year because of its compact size, dual core processor, and ability to download books and possibly college textbooks won me over. Although I prefer the Kindle, the new Nook Tablet is also excellent and is even compatable with apple products. Both deivces are surprisingly only $199, it just comes down to personal preference. These devices were created primarily for reading although they do provide entertainment with applications, but if you’re looking for entertainment the next item on this list might be more of what you’re looking for.

1. IPad. If entertainment and fun is what your teen is looking for, then the apple IPad is the perfect gift this holiday season. It seems to be the most wanted gift this year because it resembles a small computer. It serves all of the functions that a computer would, it is just smaller and more portable. At $499 the IPad seems to be the most popular item this year and any lucky teen receiving this gift would not be dissapointed.

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column on Fridays.

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