Thursday , 21 June 2018

Tales of a Confession, Reality TV and a Glimpse of Landon Winery

I have to make a confession. Something that I have been hiding from the world. A guilty pleasure that has consumed me since 2009. A secret so big, my own husband has been threatened with an end to me doing his laundry if he were to tell. Yes folks, I have an addiction. A completely unhealthy, unreasonable and irritating addiction to “Jersey Shore”. There you have it. It’s out there for the world, or at least McKinney, Texas. I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it. 

Why am I now deciding this is a good time to share my secret life? For the past three weeks, my only social interaction, Facebook, has been exploding with comments regarding a new reality show on Bravo TV called “Most Eligible Dallas”. Many people are saying it is the new “Jersey Shore” while others are saying it is a waste of time. Upon reading some of the unfounded comments relating the show to Jersey Shore, I began to feel a twinge of possessiveness. Thoughts ran through my head to the tune of… “no show can compare!” “It just can’t be!” “What do these idiots  know?” and “If this causes Jersey Shore to get canceled, who will I hang out with on Tuesday nights instead of Snooki and Pauly D?”.

After some relaxation exercises (i.e. xanax), I calmed down and decided to give “Most Eligible Dallas” a try. I put facebook down, changed my status to away, grabbed a glass of chardonnay, put on the PJs and braced myself for “Most Eligible Dallas”. 

In one word: HORRENDOUS! I was horrified. The show began with two girls becoming best friends and “shopping buddies”  by secretly judging each other and throwing out passive aggressive comments during a lunch date. Definitely friends for life. It gave me nightmares of high school days passed. Boring date nights with other cast members followed, including a woman with lips that resembled a beak and moments so awkward, I had to look away. 

As my relief began to fill my body (the chardonnay) that this show is no competition for my one true love; I decided I could no longer commit this unfaithful act of watching and reached for the remote. At that same moment, I caught a glimpse of familiarity.

Could it be? These people were going on a date to McKinney’s own Landon Winery! With all the  places to have a glass of wine in Dallas, they ventured North to McKinney. They only showed the place for a short time, but I was so excited to see McKinney put on the map once again. The fact that the guests on the show chose Landon Winery speaks volumes of the place. Watch out Dallas!  I was so happy for our local establishment and yet 2 minutes later when they were elsewhere, my discontent flooded me again.  This time, the channel was changed for good. 

Jersey Shore, my heart belongs to you…

What is your opinion about Bravo TV’s new show “Most Eligible Dallas”?  Good? Bad? Concerned about future generations? Spill it! 



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