Sunday , 20 May 2018

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Beauty Booster #5

Beauty Boosters #5 Whole Grains can reduce inflammation, resulting in brighter skin.  Great sources for whole grains can be found in bread and pasta.

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Beauty Boosters #4 and #5

Beauty Boosters #4 and #5  Collagen Builders Beta Carotene, found in sweet potatoes and other orange-hued veggies, help increase collagen production. Protein, found in sources like eggs, lean meat and poultry, as well as low fat dairy and beans provide a building block for collagen.

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Beauty Boosters

We have all heard that beauty comes from within.  So, let’s talk about the foods that are real beauty boosters. Today, let’s talk about how Vitamin E.  A good source of Vitamin E comes from almonds and other nuts.  Vitamin E helps protect collagen for firmer skin. Where do you get your vitamin E?

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