Monday , 18 June 2018

Sugar Shocker

I promised in my last article that I would provide a sugar shocker before I begin, I want to give you two principles I use when I look at disparate pieces of data. When something goes up dramatically look for what is going down in relationship to it.  Think cause and effect. If I cannot find the inverse of a number, I look for other data that is rising at nearly the same rate over time.

The majority of people know that too much sugar can pack on the pounds. Sugar is bad, bad, bad when one consumes too much of it. What most Americans do not know is the ill effects of the sugar substitutes they consume, most notably Aspartame.

The following link will take you to 92 symptoms agreed to by the FDA for Aspartame. (  Although the list is interesting to read, what is more interesting is copying and pasting all those words that describe the symptoms into an application to aggregate them and identify the words used most often in the list – it is a word cloud.  You may be surprised when you see the dominant word used in all these symptoms is CHANGE.   See the “Wordle” in the image gallery below which reflects the analysis of Aspartame’s symptoms.

From this, I draw the conclusion that Aspartame creates change in our bodies. You do not have to be a doctor or scientist to see this and arrive at logical conclusions. Other symptoms rise to the top too; blood, problems, pain, seizure difficulty, Mal as in Grand and Petit Mal.  If Aspartame does create “change”, I suspect that not consuming Aspartame results in change as well, reverse the trend and you go back to normal.

In addition to symptoms, another link illustrates relationship between the rise in the use of Aspartame and the number of cases of Autism from 1975 to 1996, startling to say the least ).

Thankfully, you can take action to detoxify your body if you are a heavy aspartame consumer  You can read, “What to Do If You Have Used Aspartame” by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,

Aspartame had a grip on my family for several years. My husband was diagnosed with “suicide headaches” (Google it, it lives up to its name).  His doctor informed us that we would be able to address the source of the migraines through the extended use of a various pharmaceuticals. The doctor went on to say that, he had many tools at his disposal and finding the correct drug or combination of drugs, he would be able to control the migraines. In the short-term, managing the pain was our best option.  

Frankly, we were not interested in managing the pain we wanted to get rid of it. It is one thing to control your cholesterol and a far different thing if you are changing brain chemistry.

That health encounter was the start of my journey in taking better care of my health and my families.  I am a fanatical label reader now. Admittedly, we fired my husband’s doctor; however, we did not throw the baby out with the bath water.  We all need access to quality medical care and now have what I believe one of the best primary care physicians in the area.  

During this course of events, I read EVERYTHING I could on migraines and possible causes and concluded we would start with my husband’s love for diet soda and chewing gum. We ditched just about everything in a box, bag or can – too many ingredients that sounded like it should go into my air conditioner.  I will admit that cooking is the most inconvenient task but my family is worth it. Life is so much better when we are all feeling good.

It did not take long for him to find relief from these reoccurring episodes of extreme pain and it has been 3 years since our last emergency room visit at 3 am.

As for sweeteners in my house, we use old fashion white table Sugar, Honey a natural alternative and Stevia a natural sugar substitute. Since my eye witnessed account of the devastating effect of Aspartame’s “changes”, I am happy to moderate/eliminate my intake in order to have my health.

You too can take control of your health; make changes and feel better as a result. It takes time to change. Set yourself up for success by managing your expectations.

If you enjoyed this article  stay tuned – I will give you the skinny on fat next time.

Dorothy Allan, owner

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