Saturday , 21 April 2018
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`Squaring Off’ with the Inventor of the Wine Condom

Matthew Bado and Sara Thomas are joined on “Square Off” this week by special guest, Mitch Strahan, inventor of the Wine Condom. Watch the episode above and then pop over to Strahan’s kickstarter campaign and pre-order the product that has already been featured in publications from Los Angeles to New York and across the pond to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Special thanks to our friends at Missing Q Press for allowing us to use their letter press area to tape this week’s episode.

Editor’s Note: Below, TSB contributor Michele Stevens Bernard, who operates, shares a just-published story about this week’s Square Off guest, Mitch Strahan. Check it out below!

By Michele Stevens Bernard

mitch strahanAs I make my way to downtown McKinney, Texas, I look forward to my coffee date with Mitch Strahan. We will discuss his newest brainchild, the Wine Condom. Wait. What? Strahan’s invention, a smart wine-stopper, with a giggle-worthy name, is exactly what it says it is, a tiny condom that rolls snugly over the top of an open wine bottle. Fitting flush with the rim, it provides spill protection and a simple solution to all manner of wine-drinker dilemmas. And punch lines. Wine Condoms provide lots and lots of punch lines.

Strahan, the son of stand-up comedian Laura Bartlett, came upon this genius idea the night his mom returned home from dinner at a neighbor’s house. She brought with her a half-empty bottle of wine. For the short walk home, Bartlett sealed her bottle with clingy, clear plastic wrap and a rubber band. Jokes ensued between mother and son. Before the night was over, Strahan hit upon a seriously clever idea.

“Wine Condoms is not a miracle wine preserver, but a superior wine-stopper,” says Strahan, “It’s perfect protection from wine28f-1-webspills when transporting your open wine bottle from say the restaurant to your home, or after a picnic at the lake.”

According to Strahan, each Wine Condom package contains 10 or 25 individual condoms made of 100% rubber. Designed to be disposable after a couple of uses, Wine Condoms can also be used to seal opened soft drinks and beer.

Earlier this month, Strahan and Bartlett launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of Wine Condoms. Within days, pledges started pouring in, and #WineCondoms was trending across the globe. Media outlets from Fox News, Yahoo Business News Singapore to, well, (the FIRST to bring you a video interview with Strahan), began following the journey of this young entrepreneur. At this writing, the mother/son team has raised $4257.00 toward their $7500.00 goal with 17 days left in the campaign.

IMG_0243“Mitch quit his job as a waiter to pursue his entrepreneurial dream of launching Wine Condoms,” said Bartlett, “We are relying on social giving [crowd-funding] to ‘roll out’ Wine Condoms.”

Wine Condoms is trademarked with patent pending. As you enjoy’s exclusive interview with Strahan, the mother/son duo would like to remind you to always drink responsibly, always wear proper protection, and by all means, always use Wine Condoms.

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