Friday , 25 May 2018
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Small Business Success – Mastering Time Management – Brought to you by Leadership Gold

Mastering Time Management

 “When one becomes enslaved to the task, the task becomes the Master.”

Let’s attack  one of the most common issues found with those grappling with time management.

 You do not act in accord with your scheduled activities.  Does this sound like you?

This is the “well intentioned” leader. You set out on your day with a game plan of activities in mind. Then the day begins and de-rails all of the thoughts and planning you had put forth. Sometimes, this has been described as “pitching the day aside to put out fires”. If this describes you, do not be surprised if your life, business, and happiness continue to spiral out of control. Ultimately, you may find your business, out of business because the most important things that need to be accomplished have either been pushed to the evening hours or simply neglected altogether. Here are some practical thoughts proven to be effective to combat this reality:

* Do NOT alter your scheduled activity. Often we spend 80% of our time on 20% of what matters most. This means that what may often be seen as an emergency is really something that can not only be scheduled for a later time, but would most likely be handled more effectively if proactively handled in this manner. Therefore, do not omit handling the issues, simply schedule them at a more appropriate time so you can focus on what you’ve already predetermined was most important for the day. Inform the necessary people of your approach and they will respect you and your time.

4 Keys To Mastering Time Management

Try these simple steps in your efforts to master your time:

  1.  “Download” your activities for the day
  2.  Pick the six most important items to be accomplished
  3.  Place time parameters around when each task will be accomplished and how long you anticipate it taking
  4.  Exercise “Pig-Headed Determination” and stick closely to what you have outlined

The mastery of time takes time and commitment. The depth of your commitment will ultimately determine the success of your efforts. Stay focused and regain control.

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