Saturday , 23 June 2018

Shhh…Your Epidermis Is Showing

Targeted Skin Care at That Elegant Touch Salon & Day Spa!

Let us help you to develop your individual skin care regimen.  Whether it is body or facial, we can get you on your way to body beautiful or facial fantastic.  Between all of us and the rest of the world is a layer of cornified keratin.  Doesn’t sound good but is the truth.  Our job is to help you to remove this layer of dry and dead skin cells to make way for new protective cells once each month.

Let’s start with the cornified keratin on our bodies.  Over time this layer can build up, leaving the complexion dull, coarse and dehydrated.  However, without this top layer of dermis which creates a protective barrier, our skin is vulnerable to microbes and water loss.  The art of body perfection relies on the ability to remove these dead cells while leaving the protective barrier intact.  Whether you call this removal rubbing, exfoliation, polishing, clarifying, buffing, dissolving, refining or scrubbing, it makes no difference.  The point is to safely remove unwanted cells and leave the skin refreshed and smooth.

For a more youthful appearance, dead cells must be exfoliated year round.  Without exfoliation, the cornified keratin can trap impurities and cause breakouts.  From spot treatments to full body polishes, we can safely set you on your way to “Body Beautiful” all year long.

All skin types experience the challenges that come with aging.  As we age, our facial skin does not sluff off as readily which again can leave our complexions dull and dehydrated in appearance.  As educated professionals, we are versed not only in the treatments we offer but in the necessary steps you should follow in your home care routine to prevent or repair skin problems that you may be experiencing.

It is imperative that your diagnosis is correct.  With aging skin, multiple problems can manifest simultaneously.  We work hand in hand, with you, to prioritize your concerns, successfully treat them, and send you home with a personal regimen that will optimize your results.

Beautiful skin is just a service away.   Call us at That Elegant Touch to schedule your appointment with a skin care specialist at  972-542-2300 and visit us at or    


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