Wednesday , 20 June 2018

She has had a great many obstacles

Pam is like many of us, and then financial disaster struck.

Pam is 47 years old and has four children and for all of her married life has been a stay at home mom. Her life was recently upended when her husband announced he was moving out. They have had financial difficulties for some time, but without her husband’s salary, Pam has nothing.

She came to The Samaritan Inn with her youngest child, an 11-year-old daughter; her husband took the other three. Pam has no current job experience or skills, and she is also afflicted with Lupus.

Soon after she arrived at the Inn on September 19th, she experienced a strong depression and began to feel sucidal. Her caseworker immediately had her admitted to the hospital and an anti-depressant was ordered. Pam is now back from the hospital and appears to be more stable. She has told her caseworker that she is now certain that she and her husband will not be reconciling and that she must work The Samaritan Inn program in order to survive.

The plan is for Pam to receive outpatient therpay from the hospital  and begin the Career Development Program at the Inn. She has had a great many obstacles, but we, at The Samaritan Inn, are hopeful that with the support from “her team” she will make it!

This is just one story from The Samaritan Inn, Collin County’s largest homeless shelter program.   The Samaritan Inn is a residential program that provides the tools needed to help willing people regain their independence. Visit our website at for more information about our program. Thank you for your support!

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