Wednesday , 23 May 2018

See an Event Breaking? Share with the Community

If you see a significant event happening that may effect your neighbors, we at encourage you to share it with the broader community through one of four means:

  1. Let us know by posting the information on our Facebook page (
  2. Submit the pertinent details (who, what, when, where) directly on TSB by clicking the “I have a story to share” button on the homepage.  If you don’t have all the information, you can explain that in your story.
  3. Tweet us at
  4. Email our editor at editor at townsquarebuzz dot com.

You might see a traffic signal out that is causing delays.  You might see a car accident or fire that has shut down N. Central Expressway.  Or you might see a nearby school being evacuated. is not a traditional news site in that we rely on the community to produce the majority of the content you read daily on the site.  We have a small team of independent writers and storytellers but they do not cover breaking news.  We monitor chatter on popular social networks and share updates with the community when possible, but most of the time our team is working hard on other assignments and reviewing dozens of stories that are submitted to appear on the website. 

With your help, we can work together to provide residents of McKinney with critical information in near real-time.  I envision this becoming especially important in a time of crisis when all we’ll have is the internet to communicate with each other.  Cell phones (making calls) are unreliable in a disaster situation.   

I don’t expect our faithful readers to become full-fledged super reporters but if you see something happening, think about sharing the info with the larger network that is your community. 

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