Monday , 28 May 2018

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

By Deborah Viapiana-Ricci, TSB Contributor

Well…it’s been a few weeks since we last connected…How is it going? Summer can be a challenging time of year, especially now that the kids are home…And, we both know it won’t be long before we hear these three little, all too familiar words…”I’m so bored!”

So, now that Summer upon us, what are your plans for vacation? What with the price of gas, we are all rethinking what that looks like. Here’s a thought. What about “vacationing” right here at home? Yes! We can do that. And here are a few ideas to get you started:

Set up a tent in your yard and spend a few nights beneath the stars, pretending to be somewhere else, like say…Yellowstone National Park. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have an outdoor fountain, leave it running and imagine it is one of the geysers. Okay, so that might be a stretch, but, no, seriously, there are so many ways we can create a space for rest, relaxation and respite.

Day trips close by, kids’ sleep-overs (where you are “kid-less “, in exchange for taking your friend’s kids), an afternoon of collage making, picnics by the lake, playing baseball and grilling franks at a local park, going on a scavenger hunt in a large field nearby looking for buried treasure, or just sitting in the shadiest part of your yard in your new hammock.

Since we are going to be staying in the area more this summer, don’t forget to support local businesses! (which will also save time, gas and money.) There is such a variety of sundries to choose from here in our special little downtown. Saunter, stroll and shop…you will be surprised to see the offerings of our fine merchants. Mix, mingle and meander at the farmer’s markets both in Chestnut Square and at Adriatica for special treats to travel with… Ours is especially wonderful. It’s a time for gathering of fruits, flowers and friends. It’s also a way to keep the “green” movement going.

And, if you happen to be leaving our fair area to do some sight-seeing, be sure to take along all of the essentials that ensure a safe and carefree trip. Keep these things handy to grab and go. Sunscreen, always at the top of the list, should be at least an SPF of 30, a fully equipped first-aid kit, hats and lightweight shirts for the whole family to further your sun protection, lots of non-perishable snacks (saving money along the way), and plenty of water. If you are driving any distance, you may also want to bring along travel games that will occupy children and take their minds away from asking “are we there yet?”

And, for those of us left here challenging ourselves to adopt a vacation-like attitude, just remember, you don’t have to go over the rainbow looking for your heart’s desire, you might just find it right here in your own back yard.

Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a freelance writer living in McKinney with her husband, Wil. You can be sure they will be enjoying special time with their three grandsons this summer doing all kinds of cool stuff and having plenty of FUN!

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