Friday , 22 June 2018

Reminiscing on Hollie Cavanagh’s Homecoming to McKinney

By Nikki Darling, TSB Staff

As I walked through the front doors of McKinney Boyd, the memories and dreams I had exactly one year ago resurfaced.

I walked to the auditorium where the Hollie Cavanagh Homecoming event would be held and I reminisced about the memories I had in those hallways and rooms. The same must have been the case for Hollie, who like me graduated from those halls just one year ago, prior to her final-four experience on the popular TV show American Idol.

And what an eventful year it’s been. I began achieving my dreams as a writer, and here is Hollie achieving her dreams as a singer. With a knowingly long weekend ahead of her, Hollie sat down with Boyd principal Rick McDaniel in front of an audience of 400 students and staff and reflected about her experiences in Los Angeles on the popular Fox network show.

“It was tough getting judged on Idol,” said Hollie. “But I think that built my confidence as a singer. I thank God I am able to sing because I wouldn’t know what else to do.”

When asked about her brother Luke, who is a current summer intern for Town Square Buzz, she sought him out in the crowd of people and said that she “wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Luke” who acts as her manager.

After all of the students’ and teachers’ questions were answered, she then signed yearbooks and took pictures with her former classmates-turned-Hollie Pops and jetted off to a rehearsal for the next morning’s parade.

Speaking of the parade, Hollie said, following the parade in downtown McKinney, that she was surprised to see such a huge crowd of fans cheering her on and eager for a glimpse of the hometown Idol.

“I was telling my brother I wasn’t expecting a lot of people, but then I show up and see all of these people,” said Hollie about the parade.

With streets of the square in downtown McKinney blocked and barricades up, Hollie Pops from all over McKinney squeezed in to get a front row look as Hollie road down the streets smiling and waving to her fans. A crowd estimated at more than 1,000 was on hand. With the conclusion of the parade fans rushed over to the stage set up in front of the restaurant Sauce and awaited Hollie’s performance.

As Hollie took the stage once again, she did McKinney proud by her performance. Clapping and shouting ensued after each song, showing the support McKinney has always, and I think will always, give her. Her successes were honored by Mayor Brian Loughmiller as he presented her with a key to the city and declared May 26 as Hollie Cavanagh Day.

As one last hurrah for a Hollie filled weekend, she performed an encore for her adoring fans and waved goodbye, promising to return. 

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