Friday , 27 April 2018

Really?….the Local DMV Nightmare!

We like to have fun with our “Really?” column, but sometimes it comes in down right handy as a tool for venting so here goes. 

It was time to renew my TX driver’s license and because I renewed it online last time – no dice – had to go stand in the line at our local Department of Motor Vehicles here in McKinney. After hearing the horror stories of how long the line is and that the wait is often excruciating in length, I decided to get there well before opening time, which is 8 a.m. 

Turns out that my 7:20 a.m. arrival time didn’t quite cut it – there were already 53 people in line in front of me, including those who were sleeping on the sidewalk and lounging in lawn chairs that they had brought with them at 6:30 a.m.! Really?

In the midst of much grumbling and complaining, and I must confessed, I joined right in, I had a sixteen year old guy tell me that he waited five, that’s right FIVE, hours yesterday to take the permit test, only to have to get up and leave before they got to him because he had to go to work! He was back in line this morning – poor thing.

I feel sorry for the employees who have to put up with all the customer frustration and yes, it is frustrating if you don’t have all the right paperwork or if you happen to get there on a day when there are 500 people in line to do the same thing you are – get a TX license for the first time, renew your TX license or just get a license or driver’s permit.

I happened to know the employee who, after only 1 hour and 40 minutes, helped me. She said that sadly, their office is too small for the amount of growth McKinney is experiencing and there only two DMV offices in Collin County – here and in Plano. The Plano office is much worse with regard to the wait I’m told, so no luck with that option.

Really?  McKinney has been selected as the 5th best place to live in the country – we’ve, in recent years, been on the “one of the fastest growing cities in the country” list twice and we can’t get enough space and employees to serve our citizens needs efficiently? There’s seriously something wrong with this picture.

So, WARNING – if you have to visit the DMV bring a good, long book, your iPad or both. Maybe you can accomplish a little something while you wait….and wait.


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