Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Really?….I Need How Much Dental Work?

Really?….I Need How Much Dental Work?

Really?….I Need How Much Dental Work?

A simple trip to Monarch Dental to get my teeth cleaned yesterday lasted two and half hours! By the time I left, my teeth were not cleaned, I am told I need $5000 worth of work done and I still owe them a $10 co-pay for the visit. Really? Dentists are the worst! Thankfully, I only have to pay a discounted $2000 thanks to insurance. Ugh.

I usually love going to the dentist. In fact, I get cleanings four times a year. I’m happy to pay for the extra two visits out of pocket. However, with $2000 about to go on the credit card, it looks like I’ll only be going twice a year.

Dentists and auto shops – two professions I don’t trust one bit. You never really know if you’re getting scammed or not. Let me know if you have a great dentist.

I will say my day improved immensely when I went to the check out lane at Target. A cute, 75+ year old women said I could go in front of her in line. Being the gentleman I am, I politely refused but she quipped, “Now don’t be arguing with your elders sonny.” God bless her. Little did she know how much she improved my outlook for the day.

Happy Friday. Make it a great one!

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