Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Really?….I Have to Take a Shuttle to Cabela’s?

Really?….I Have to Take a Shuttle to Cabela’s?

Really?….I Have to Take a Shuttle to Cabela's?

Cabela’s opened in Allen last week and you would have thought they were giving away thousands of dollars to random shoppers. I got stuck in the throngs of foot and car traffic on Saturday night around 6:00 and was shocked to see an event management sign exclaiming the parking lot was full…take the shuttle from the satellite lot. A shuttle? Really?

What is the attraction to this place? Is it simply the size, coming in at 100,00 square feet? Is it the 2-story mountain? The 13,000 aquarium? Or maybe it’s just that it carries the most guns than any other store?  I’ve never been to a Cabela’s so please let me know what I’m missing.

Maybe in 2012 the crowds will start to fade. Until then, I’m fine with an up-front parking spot at Dicks right around the corner.

Have you seen something you just can’t believe? A pet peeve on the roads or on the streets of town? Share your “Really?” moment with us on! 

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