Friday , 25 May 2018

Really?….Are Manners a Thing of the Past?

Not long ago, I received a thank you note – if you can call it that – from someone I had sent a very nice wedding gift to a few months before. Good news – I got a thank you note back, which certainly let me know that the happy couple received the gift, I think. This particular note was entirely printed, entirely generic – “Thank you for the wedding gift” – no mention of what the gift was, no handwritten signature, not even a one line handwritten note at the end! I have known the groom for some 20 years after all, and I find this appalling!

Really….?  When someone takes the time to send a wedding gift, particularly out of state, that’s all the thought that’s given to a response these days?  Hey, newlyweds, I understand busy – I’m busy – we are all busy, but, seriously, I took time out of my extremely busy life to send you a gift! Emily Post will surely haunt you throughout your married life!

You may disagree – we live in an age of technology, we are too busy to worry about those little details, no one is going to care – it’s better than no thank you note at all. Think again, people! It is exactly the attention to these little details that allow us to co-exist in some sort of civilized world.

I could go on about table manners, cell phone manners, and treating each other with respect (or a general lack of all of the above) but I’ll save those for another “Really?” column.   frown

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