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Reader Rants and Raves: Where are The Voters?

By TSB Staff

Reader Rants and Raves – Monday, May 13, 2013

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—It is very disheartening to have the city council seats filled by less that 5% of the registered voters. What is going on with the young people who, at 18, are allowed to vote? Why doesn’t MISD step up and have the local politicians debate or at least speak before the upper classes at the high schools?  What about the school board candidates speaking to the students?

Where are all those people who, when asked by NeighborsGo, said there is nowhere else they would rather live than McKinney? It’s time they considered taking part in  the community instead of just “living” here. The city council needs innovation, new ideas and representatives who think globally (not the East vs. West posture).

Where are all the older citizens? We more than doubled the over 60 population in Collin County. You may not need a lot of services now, but there will be a day when you may have to rely of the “forward thinking” of the council for issues involving the elderly.

There is  no one group who failed to step up and take part May 11th. A little over 70,000 registered voters didn’t have time during the week of early voting to vote. Just hope we don’t lose the “right” through lack of use. (Submitted by Juli)

—Travelling westbound on Virginia Parkway on a Tuesday morning, I was surprised to see a Coke bottle come flying out of the drivers window in front of me. I wondered if there was a new program that allowed people to toss out their garbage on the street and that it would be magically picked up by a recycling crew.

While we do take much for granted living in a wonderful area like Stonebridge Ranch and I have to at times catch myself from falling into the entitlement trap, I assume the woman driver of the navy blue BMW that was turning into the Ballantrae subdivision  took their ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ prescription that morning and really didn’t care much about anything else. (Submitted by BS)

—I love Starbucks but the last two times I bought drip coffee at Starbucks Adriatica I ended up with a mouthful of grounds (see photo). It was not a fun surprise that morning. (Submitted by MB)


—Thank you to TSB and Matt for coming to speak to our Cub Scouts (photo below)! You helped them complete their requirements for their Tiger patch and are now official Wolf Cubs. We were so excited to have you here, and the boys really enjoyed it. (Submitted by SD)

–Happy 90th Birthday to Dr. Mack Hill, Collin County’s first pediatrician. (Submitted by AS)

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