Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Reader Opinion: Response to Texas Abortion Bill

Submitted by Gary Jacobs, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

The claims of abortion advocates repeatedly amaze me.

They amaze me because of how strongly they support a physical process I doubt few of them have actually witnessed or know much about. I have been providing anesthesia for surgery, and for labor and delivery for 25 years. During that time I have been involved with hundreds of D & C’s necessary for removing incomplete miscarriages for women’s well-being.

Yes, I have also witnessed, but not participated in, an abortion at a county hospital during nursing school. The two procedures are identical, with one major difference.  In the D & C’s, the baby was already deceased when the mother entered the operating room.  In the abortion, the baby was alive when the mother entered the operating room, but dead when she left.

I have also been involved with providing epidurals for thousands of mothers who are delivering babies. Repeatedly, I have witnessed the grief women endure whose baby has died unexpectedly before completion of the pregnancy. I have personally witnessed my own wife’s grief over losing a child during pregnancy, both at the time of the miscarriage and in the years since. I have also witnessed the joy of women at the delivery of their living child. Having witnessed both D & C’s, as well as the delivery of living babies I can’t help but be amazed at how killing and removing a living baby by D & C is completely and almost incomprehensibly at the opposite end of the spectrum from the delivery of a live child.

Because of my close working association with dozens of obstetricians (doctors who deliver babies), and gynecologists (doctors who treat women’s specific reproductive health problems), I have ready access to those doctors. I have repeatedly asked close to 20 of those doctors for examples of conditions of pregnancies that are life threatening for the mothers, which would require an abortion for the well being of the mother (as we hear so often from abortion advocates).

Each physician has stated that they are not aware of anything except very, very rare instances. The Center for Disease Control reported 784,507 abortions in the United States in 2009. That 2009 statistic includes 227 abortions for every 1,000 live births. Intentionally killing over one-fifth of unborn babies is anything but rare. If these women’s healthcare experts say that a woman’s health is only very, very rarely jeopardized by a pregnancy, what does that say about the doctors who do abortions? Why would these doctors frequently engage in an activity that is reserved for rare instances?  An educated guess is . . . money. Those doctors who perform abortions shouldn’t be commended for looking out for women’s health.  Their stake in this battle is money.

Abortion clinics are money makers. The more frequently abortions are performed the more money the doctor makes. Why would they discourage women from having an abortion?

Much of my career has been involved with giving health care to women in surgery both in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. I have done thousands of anesthetics in surgery centers. I am almost embarrassed to admit that, until hearing about the current debate over abortion in the Texas legislature, I wasn’t aware that abortion clinics haven’t had to abide by the same standards that surgery centers already abide by.  Surgery centers go through a rigorous credentialing process to be certified. Those centers have regular inspections to assure that those standards are maintained once initial certification is obtained. The main reason for the standards and certification is patient safety. Why is it so unreasonable to expect abortion centers to meet the same safety standards as other outpatient surgery centers?  Abortions/D & C’s are considered surgical procedures. Shouldn’t abortion centers be required to meet the same standards as other surgical centers do?  Honestly, I am shocked they haven’t been required to do so before now. To me, they have gotten a free pass for long enough.

In spite of what abortion advocates are claiming, the new law does not shut abortion centers down. The new law gives the centers until December 2014 to make changes necessary to meet the standards in order to stay, “safe and legal” the same way all other surgery centers have been required to be safe and legal for decades. Why is the abortion industry (the leadership of the business of doing abortions) opposing the change to meeting minimum standards that other surgery centers already comply with?  Again, the answer, I am guessing, is . . . money.  It costs money to provide safe, accountable medical care.  That cuts into the profitability of abortion centers.

I guess if killing is what you do for a living, then you don’t expect to be required to meet the same standards as those of us care for the living do. If abortion centers want to provide safe medical care, then do it like the rest of the surgical centers are doing.  If the abortionists want to ply their trade, then put the money into meeting standards other surgery centers already meet. If there are only five abortion centers statewide which meet those standards (as claimed), then it means the owners of the other clinics (often the doctors themselves) have decided that the financial benefits are no longer large enough to continue. That has nothing to do with women’s health.  It has to do with money.

Finally, in my career, I have met numerous women who use abortion as their primary means of birth control. They conceive, it’s inconvenient, not life threatening, and they “terminate their pregnancy.” Actually, they are terminating their baby. I challenge you to look up pictures of unborn babies, especially those twenty weeks gestational age or older.

In the newly passed law, those babies which are greater than 20 weeks of age enjoy greater protection. It is unimaginable how the abortion industry can defend the killing of those babies. Knowing that other health care providers (emphasis on health for someone who does participates in killing to make a living) can participate in ‘terminating’ those babies is hard to stomach. That is what abortionists are terminating.

Their defense is, “It’s her body.  She has a right to choose.”

What about the body of the ones who are being terminated? Who chooses for them? Who will protect them?

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