Monday , 21 May 2018

Reader Opinion: Officer John Libby Deserves Last Call and 21-Gun Salute

TSB Community Contributor

Why don’t officers get an honorable funeral when they don’t die in active duty?

Military can retire and die at a good ripe old age and they get an honorable funeral for serving this country. So why don’t Police and Fire get the same respect?

Police and Fire serve the cities they live in. Risking their lives to save the lives of others on a daily basis!  I believe that EVERY Policeman/woman and Fireman/woman should get the same respect if they die active duty or non active duty.

Which brings me to the Subject of Officer John Libb,y who passed away Memorial Day May 27, 2013.

He served the City of McKinney for six years. He served in New Jersey prior to coming to the City of McKinney. According to sources he will not be getting an honorable funeral due to some association and how they want things done.  This means he will not be getting the 21 gun salute or the heart wrenching last call.

He IS a hero to his daughter, son, wife and family, He IS a hero to his fellow police family and he IS a hero to the citizens he served!!  So why shouldn’t he get the HONORABLE funeral that he deserves???  It shouldn’t matter that he didn’t die on active duty.  He served his city WELL!!

Our first responders need more appreciation and support!  They see and hear things that people should never have to see!  Give them the respect they ALL deserve by making a change in how they are Respected while alive and in death!

Please make a stand that this will not continue and that Officer John Libby our dear family and friend will get the respect he deserves and his daughter can see her daddy be buried as the HERO he is!

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