Tuesday , 24 April 2018

Reader Opinion: City’s Quality of Life Survey Brings About Concerns

Submitted by Jolie Williams

I came across the CDC’s Quality of Life Survey while on the City of McKinney’s website. I feel people need to be informed of this survey, and some of the questions and concerns which I have regarding this survey.

1)  The wording of the survey appears to be the city stretching for support on items/issues that are facing our city —which, if asked individually, would not have the same support.

          A) Because you support events and tourism, you specifically support a convention center (which is the “Project Gateway” convention center).

          B) Because you support any type of recreational facility, you specifically support an aquatic center.
2) Who is aware of this survey and answering these questions? The survey does not ask any questions regarding the demographic (name, age, address, sex…) or any verification that one is a resident of McKinney.  

3) How many people are aware of this survey and participating as it does not appear to be well known?

4) How many of the responses are coming from a single person or a small group of people, as it has allowed me to access the survey multiple times?

My only thought for a resolution for concerns 2 and 4 is to require a survey taker to enter their voter registration ID or driver’s license number. 

I feel a focus group with a demographic similar to that of the city would give better feedback if presented with all the information from all viewpoints regarding these issues (but from what I have seen, it appears that the city limits opposing viewpoints to citizen comments during City Council Meetings). Focus groups would not only allow the city to hear open-ended feedback on issues, not close-ended questions on a survey designed to receive the desired feedback. But it would also encourage and engage citizens to become involved within the community, which is obviously a problem with the low voter turn-out at our recent city council elections.

I know I can be opinionated, and that my opinions do not always fall within the majority of society. I do feel that everyone has the right to their opinion and the right to voice their opinion. The city does need to hear the opinions of the citizens and take them into consideration when making decisions on our behalf.

McKinnians, educate yourself, get involved, and voice your opinion openly.

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