Friday , 22 June 2018

Q&A: New Broncos Baseball Coach Brooke Court Sits Down with TSB

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

After six years of being led by Brandon Milam, the McKinney Boyd baseball program will have a new face in charge in former Lovejoy head coach Brooke Court. Last week I sat down with Court to discuss his time coaching under Milam at McKinney North and what he was most excited about as the Broncos new head man.

Q:What were some things you took away from coaching under Milam while at North?

A:“Milam’s a great coach; he taught me a lot of things. I only got to spend one year (with him) and it was a great year obviously, but Milam kind of let me coach the way I wanted to coach. I did the hitting and the infielders and he let met run with it. He taught me the ins and outs of how to run a program.”

Q: What type of coach would you label yourself as: motivational or a tactician?

A: “Kind of both. I would say that I am real detail oriented. I really stress the little things, like hustling on and off the field and footwork with ground balls and fly balls. But when I get off the field, I’m kind of laid back and I’ll joke around with the kids and stuff. When I get on the field it’s all business and when I’m off you get to know the kids and joke around a little bit.”

Q: What’s the first goal you hope to accomplish this fall?

A: “To show the players that we are going to get better every day. It starts with me and I’m really more of an action guy. I don’t really talk a ton. What you will see in our practices are more continual motion practices, where we’re moving and there are really no breaks in them. When we go from station to station you will see me running from station to station, just to keep the intensity going throughout practice.”

Q: You said you dealt with hitters while at North. Are you more offensively or defensively minded?

A: “Defense and pitching wins championships. When I first started coaching I was an offensive guy and I was going to outscore you, but then the game taught me really quick that pitching and defense wins championships. So we will do a ton of defense and obviously we are working our pitchers out a lot. We have good athletes here. I hope we can get into the small details of say an offensive swing or how to field a backhand, stuff like that.”

Q: Do you think that the transition between Milam and yourself will be a smooth one or will the players have a slight adjustment period?

A: “Sort of [an adjustment]. I mean, Milam and I are a lot alike. He’s a great coach and I was going through the coaching underneath Milam and [current North head coach Jim] Gatewood, you kind of pick bits and pieces from each of these coaches and you make it your own. I’ll definitely bring a different motivational tactic but as far as logistics of the program, Milam and I are a lot a like. I don’t think it’s going to be anything drastic. The transition will be easy.”  

For the full story of Court’s hiring at Boyd, click here.

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