Monday , 28 May 2018

Post-Christmas Worry: Kids’ Motor Scooters an Adult-Sized Concern

Santa Claus has come and gone, leaving motor scooters behind for some children. Santa probably did not do any research about motor assisted scooters within the city and state. There are state and city laws concerning motor assisted wheely things. Article x11, section 62-653 on the city ordnance website states that they may only be ridden on specially designated trails. There is also an ordinance that makes the parents responsible if children are not wearing helmets while riding motor assisted scooters. The parents may be charged with neglect and fined.

I guess Santa was so busy he did not check to see if the motor scooters he delivered were going to houses outside the city limits. And he probably did not check to see if there were any state regulations concerning them in city and outside city limits on highways. 

Children may not hear the sound of a vehicle approaching or the sound of a voice calling out STOP! to them because of the noise generated by the motor scooters. Plus they can go faster on them than regular scooters and may not have control of them as they speed back and forth and up and down a street or sidewalk.

I know Santa Claus wants children to be safe and have a good time every day of year, so I am sending him email at the North Pole so he can put this in the glove compartment of his sleigh to read next year. When his elves are making toys for children.

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