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Pogue Leads At-Large Candidate Race in Fundraising Efforts

By Angie Bado, TSB Publisher

If campaign contributions are any kind of indicator as to who will win an election, then Randy Pogue is the frontrunner in the McKinney City Council At-Large race. As of the April 11 campaign contributions reporting deadline, Pogue had outraised both of his opponents, Martin Sanchez and Jeremiah Hammer.

Pogue, Hammer and Sanchez are vying for the city council seat that will be vacated by David Brooks, who chose not to seek re-election.

Candidates were required to submit campaign finance reports on April 11, including documentation of all contributions and expenditures for the period ending April 1.

While all three candidates are business owners in McKinney, Pogue, who founded the McKinney-based Pogue Engineering and Development in 1999, has garnered the most grassroots support from family and friends in his hometown, collecting contributions in the amount of $16,666.07 at the time of the disclosure. The two largest single contributions to his campaign came from members of Pogue’s family.

See below for a full breakdown of each candidate’s campaign finances, including their donors and the amount donated. All records were obtained via a public information request with the city of McKinney.

“I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming support of my candidacy,” Pogue told “We continue to receive contributions of varying amounts from McKinney voters who want to help with my campaign and I am extremely grateful.”

Martin Sanchez, who owns Sanchez & Associates in McKinney, is a close second, having raised $13,735.00. The majority of Sanchez’s financial support has come from outside of McKinney. Sanchez said he chose not to ask McKinney residents for money.

“After all, why should they (McKinney citizens) pay for me explaining why I’m the best person for the job?,” Sanchez told TSB. “In fact we have not solicited money from anybody – supporters came ‘out of the blue’.”

Sanchez also explained that when he decided to run for city council, financial support came from all over the world without solicitation.

“I have rejected financial support from overseas, from Oklahoma, Phoenix, New York, Florida, and California. My clients that span the globe want McKinney to accept them. I am the only candidate that can bring investment money of this magnitude. Companies want to be here. We just need to pave the way. After all, isn’t this economic development, bringing outside money to better our community?”

“Due to my principles, I may be out-spent, but I will not be out-messaged,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez & Associates, founded in 2005, provides engineering and land development consulting services. To date, Sanchez shows his campaign expenditures to be $11,906.86.

Despite his campaign signs being visible around town, local business consultant Jeremiah Hammer, CEO of Sustainable Ventures, reported no campaign contributions and no expenditures on his campaign.

Hammer explained that he had not received the bill for his campaign signs by the reporting deadline.

“Because I was not been billed for any of my expenditures by the April 1 deadline, I did not report them, but I will report all contributions and expenditures the next filing period after the elections,” Hammer said.

Hammer did have a fundraising event on April 5, but did not include those contributions on his report. He told TSB that he did raise about $2,000 at that function.

Early voting begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 29 and runs through May 7.

Election day is May 11. For more information, click here.

EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS (Voters can vote early at any early voting location.)

Collin County Elections Office, 2010 Redbud Boulevard, Suite 102

McKinney Performing Arts Center, 111 N. Tennessee

Fire Station #5, 6600 W. Virginia Parkway

Collin County Community College Central Park Campus, 2200 West University


Randy Pogue Campaign Contributions

Total Contributions: $16,666.07    Total Expenditures: $13,440.12    Balance $3,225.95  

All figures as of April 11, 2013

Contributor Amount Comment
Doug Parker $500.00  
Darrell Tate $250.00  
Hal Harbor $1,000.00  
Rick Jones $1,000.00  
Ray Eckenrode $100.00  
Paul Pogue $2,500.00  
William Darling $1,000.00  
Ben Whisenant $250.00  
James Lindsay $25.00  
Lyle Froese $100.00  
Brian Hobart $250.00  
Terry Box $100.00  
Scott Wible $100.00  
Daniel Brooks $250.00  
Steven Boyd $1,000.00  
Benjamin Pogue $2,500.00  
Marvin Duffus $25.00  
Doug Francis $25.00  
Donald Paschal $50.00  
John David Cross $100.00  
Mary Keith $5.00  
Mike Nevil $500.00  
Timothy Hogan $50.00  
Roman Grayson $25.00  
John Wroten $100.00  
Lori Lofton $50.00  
Eric Zepp $500.00  
Robert Dry $25.00  
Scott Zanetell $100.00  
Scott Turentine $100.00  
Mike Collins $500.00  
John Hosch $25.00  
Chris Cronin $200.00  
Steve Jones $100.00 Lives in Sherman, TX
J.R. Richardson $100.00  
Mark McCraw $50.00  
Katherine Brewer $500.00 Lives in Plano, TX
Robert Johnson $500.00  
Bob Botsford $350.00  
Nick Ganter $100.00  
P. Brandon Pogue $403.33 In-kind contribution for food for meet and greet
Peter McLellan $35.00  
Robert Darling $300.00  
Jeff Jeans $250.00  
Peter McLellan $35.00  
Steve Jones $100.00 Lives in Sherman, TX
Gary Anderson $50.00  
Laud Howell $50.00  
Richard Dodson $387.74 In-kind contribution for food for meet and greet
Rend Marsh $50.00  
Les Clow $350.00  



Martin Sanchez Campaign Contributions 

Total Contributions: $13,735.00  Total Expenditures: $11,906.85  Balance $0.00  

All Figures as of April 11, 2013

Contributor Amount Comment
Richard L. Franklin $500.00  
Peter W. Baldwin Financial $500.00 Lives in Dallas, TX
J.C. Franklin $1,000.00 Lives in Dallas, TX
Michael R. Lacy $1,000.00 Lives in Dallas, TX
Cecelia Maynard $5,000.00 Lives in Frisco, TX
Star Crest Realty $10.00 Lives in Plano, TX
Angela Nelson $100.00 Lives in Plano, TX
James Boyd Nelson, Jr. $200.00 Lives in Plano, TX
Brandon & Sarrah Bolin $2,500.00 Lives in Austin, TX
Bill & Donna Bradshaw $25.00  
Alan McDonald $2,500.00 Lives in Dallas, TX
Marc & Susan McKinney $100.00  
Patman Realty Co $250.00 Lives in Dallas, TX
Toni Cleaves $50.00  













Jeremiah Hammer’s Campaign Contributions:

Total Contributions:  $0             Total Expenditures:  $0          Balance $0        

All Figures as of April 11, 2013

Publisher’s Note:  

TSB did not request documentation on the campaign contributions for the other candidates for McKinney City Council because the encumbents, Don Day (Dist. 1), Travis Ussery (Dist. 3) and Mayor Brian Loughmiller do not have opponents. However, TSB has learned that, technically, Mayor Loughmiller still has an opponent on the books. Derrick Johnson, who filed to run at the eleventh hour, did not file the required paperwork to officially end his campaign, therefore, his name will still appear on the ballot and McKinney residents can cast their vote for him come elections. According to City Secretary Sandy Hart, Johnson has not filed any of the required campaign reports that were due in March or April.


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