Friday , 25 May 2018

People’s Choice Podcast Award Nominations Under Way

In a world of rapidly evolving media choices, it should be no surprise that people would want to find a way to lavish praise on their favorites. Podcasts are no exception. They are not all created equally. A casual listen through the selections on the popular phone application Stitcher one afternoon seems to imply that any group of teenagers can buy and set up the equipment to publish their very own video and/or audio podcast. Literally. Even adults seem to see a podcast as a chance for their inner fourteen-year old to come out for parade.

That’s not intended to discourage listeners. It’s just a matter of finding the good ones and there are some really good ones out there. Nominations are currently being accepted for the 7th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards at If you are already a podcast fan, now is the time to give them a pat on the back and help separate the wheat from the chaff for the rest of us. Nominations can be made by visiting and entering the name and web address for your nominations in the following categories: People’s Choice, Best Video Podcast, Best Produced, Business, Comedy, Cultural/Arts, Education, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Gaming, General, GLBT, Health & Fitness, Mature, Movies & Films, Podsafe Music, Politics & News, Religious Inspiration, Science, Sports, Technology, and Travel. Nominations must be made by September 30th and voting will begin in October.

So here were my nominations:

Peoples Choice – The Morning Stream by FrogPants Studio
Comedy – Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me by National Public Radio
Cultural / Arts – A Prairie Home Companion by American Public Media
Education – Stuff Mom Never Told You by HowStuffWorks
Gaming – The Instance by FrogPants Studios
General – The Morning Stream by FrogPants Studios
Politics / News – Blacking It Up by BcCo Studios
Religion Inspiration – Central Christian Church in Las Vegas

The rules to nominating are simple. Go to and enter the name and web address of your favorite podcasts. You can only enter one podcast for each category and one of those for The People’s Choice. You can only submit once so enter all of them before submitting. Most podcasts can cross genres so they suggest that you find out which category they want to be nominated in first. For instance, “The Morning Stream”, podcasting from Utah/Colorado (one podcaster is in Utah and the other is in Colorado) features skits like “Stump the Trek Nerd”, “Therapy Thursdays”, unusual covers of popular songs, gaming and technology news, and clean family-oriented chat. They haven’t suggested a preference (as yet) and I thought that they stood a better chance in General, though Entertainment and Technology would be equally good categories. “Blacking It Up”, a podcast out of Brooklyn hosted by comedian Elon James White, political strategist L Joy Williams and straight man Aaron Rand Freeman, could easily fall into comedy or political/news and said on Thursday’s podcast that they were fine with either category. They work through a docket of current news items, making comments, the occasional rant, and frequent jokes.

So, what will you nominate? Are there good local podcasts we should know about?

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