Sunday , 27 May 2018

Painting Parking Spots at McKinney North Becomes Case of the Blues

By Angie Bado, TSB Publisher

Looking at the above drawing one might think that this would be a perfect way for senior members of the McKinney North High School swim team to display school spirit, as well as their allegiance to the swim team. North swim team senior Madison Kuhn took the initiative to create this design, which was to to be used to paint their senior parking spots by the five seniors on the swim team.  

After standing in line for 90 minutes to wait for administrators to approve the plan, the swimmers got the stamp of approval, bought the paint and set to painting their design the weekend prior to the beginning of the school year. But things went awry two days after school started when the students received a letter saying that their parking spaces were “out of compliance” because they did not meet the required “school colors.” Furthermore, if the parking spaces were not repainted by Sept. 3, the students would lose their designated space and incur a fine of $10. 

Some seniors who spent their Labor Day weekend repainting their high school parking spaces said they were frustrated because the high school did not state specifically what constitutes “school colors,” which are defined on their website as blue and orange. They said that the design was approved, so they thought it was approved as submitted. Some parents and seniors said that the lack of clarity has cost the students time and money.

Said one parent, who asked not to be identified, “My frustration is that they (the students) got the design approved. Then the kids spent their money and their time painting. I was proud of what they (the students) had done.”

Another parent told TSB that the school website states that parking spaces must be painted in school colors of blue and orange, but doesn’t give specifics as far as a particular shade of blue or orange, nor is a pantone number given. 

“It’s unfortunate,” the parent told TSB as she helped her senior repaint his spot. She said that next year they (school officials) will let the stores, and the students, know exactly which colors are be acceptable.

McKinney High School, which also allows seniors to paint parking spaces for a fee of $50, specifies that students may only use certain colors of blue and  gold. 

Although North Principal Jimmy Spann declined to comment for this story, a parent told TSB that the students recieved an apology for the misunderstanding from the principal and that the students involved were impressed by his doing so.







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