Monday , 23 April 2018

Opinion: Don’t Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College

Opinion: Don’t Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College

Opinion: Don't Allow Students to Carry Concealed Guns in College

A majority of GOP lawmakers in the Texas House back a bill that would allow concealed license holders to carry their guns into public college buildings and classrooms. I’m sure I’m in the minority but if enacted into law, I fear it will create an unsafe environment for students, professors and first responders. If I was still in college, it would not make me feel safer to know that any of my classmates could be carrying a gun.

  • The Solution Doesn’t Address the Problem – It’s reactionary. Focus on the problem of the deranged shooters. Improve mental health assessments and treatments. Improve college emergency response systems using more texting and social networks.
  • It Creates More Stress on Police Response – How do you know who is the shooter and who is the innocent protector?
  • It’s the Wrong Legislative Priority – Don’t we have bigger fish to fry? Budget? Education? Transportation?

Colleges, including the University of North Texas, and students across our great state have coalesced against this bill.


‘UNT opposes the passage of any law that would allow the carrying of firearms on campus,’ according to the statement. ‘Introducing guns onto college campuses may increase the safety risks to students, faculty and staff.’

It went on to outline reasons for the opposition, which included concerns about confusion for first responders should a crisis arise, a lack of professional training for students with guns, and ‘challenges’ posed by mixing the alcohol, drug abuse, stress and “social obstacles” that sometimes arise in college life with guns.

If you have a child in college in Texas, how would you feel if you knew your son or daughter could be caught in the crossfire? If this bill passes, the odds will increase dramatically.

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