Thursday , 26 April 2018

Now We’re Talkin’ Turkey: Stuart J Meets Trim You Wellness, Part 5

By Stuart J. Pearlman, TSB Staff

It’s been three weeks since my last weigh-in at Trim You Wellness and these weren’t your typical three weeks. Stuffed right in the middle was a little holiday we like to call Thanksgiving, and at my house we were giving much thanks for all the trimmings surrounding the bird!

Which brings me to my headline for the week….  If you’re gonna “talk turkey” when dieting, you best prepare yourself mentally for a good deal of discipline and will power. All in all I am pleased with my performance on both levels. I enjoyed the feast but steered clear of white potatoes, bread and dessert. I balanced it out with significant turkey consumption, and a tiny itsy bitsy taste of stuffing, but on the whole did pretty well I think.

I am also compelled to mention that I managed to get to the gym a few times over the holidays. This might be my biggest weakness. No doubt if I hit the gym more often I would see even better results from my diet.

So it was with minor trepidation that entered the confines of Trim You Wellness for my fifth Infrared Body Wrap treatment. Greeted by Danielle, (Valerie was out of town), we got to the program. Again I selected the classical accompaniment of Respighi and off I went to sleepy-bye while the calories magically departed my body.

You gotta love this formula!!

Results? Not bad I must say. Since my last visit I had lost a pound and, more importantly, three inches! Also, my skeletal muscle increased and body fat decreased. I may not yet be all the way to bright but I definitely can see a light!

Below is a comparison of vital statistics vs. the benchmark:

Tune back in next time for the final installment of Stuart J’s Loss. I think we’ll call it “Half the Man”!

Trim You Wellness Spa offers an amazing variety of beauty and wellness treatments; we’ve expanded the body wrap & eyelash studios and added an airbrush tanning room. In addition, we also added a fitness studio teaching Reformer Pilates, Zumba and Yoga!

Trim YOU! Wellness Spa

2960 W. Eldorado Pkwy #75
McKinney, Texas 75070

Spa Direct – (972) 548-BODY (2639)

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