Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Not Your Typical Chiropractor

After I graduated from Parker Chiropractic School in December 2006, I worked and lived all around DFW until I stumbled upon McKinney, TX in March 2008. I grew up in Colorado, my dad is a chiropractor and my mom a writer and artist, and I left for Texas in 1999 to study BioChemistry at the University of Dallas; so for McKinney to be known as “Unique by Nature,” I knew I would be right at home.  In McKinney, I associated with another chiropractor until starting my own private practice in November 2008.  It wasn’t the most ideal location, but it was affordable and in an old house (400 S. Tennessee St.) off of the downtown square, which I loved. Circumstances have a way of changing, however, and I found myself needing to relocate. I had a modest practice and decided to expand into a large space that could accommodate my even larger vision for a holistic healing center. In June 2009, I opened RejuveNation LifeSpa at 120 W. Virginia St.  At one time, there were seven practitioners of all sorts working with me and my patients to create a truly unique healing experience for the body, mind, and spirit.  Each practitioner had their reason, but eventually they all moved elsewhere and I was unable to maintain the space myself. Luckily, an office next door at 112 W. Virginia St. became available and I was able to continue my private practice.  My vision for a holistic healing center never diminished. Eventually an opportunity to move into another historic house off the square presented itself and I jumped at the chance. In May 2012, I moved into 306 S. Tennessee St. with another person in the health care field so we could work toward our shared vision of innovative, holistic health care.  But that partnership did not last, either.  April 2013, I found myself back in private practice, in the same wonderful location, and ready for whatever grand adventure life has in store for me and my practice, still open to finding the right synergy of people to work with.  Each of these experiences has taught me more about myself and the type of practitioner I want to be for my terrific patients.  I have so much to be grateful for and I do what I do because I love knowing I can help people not only feel better but learn to live more easily by taking proper care of themselves.

In the years past, I have had the privilege of serving as a team doctor for the Dallas Defenders, a National Public Safety Officer Football Club, and since 2012 have been working with the Community LifeLine Center (CLC) to help those who cannot afford to help themselves feel better.  My outreach also extends to all Veterans through CLC. 

In addition to a wonderful practice and areas of community service, McKinney has certainly given me much to be grateful for, including my fiancé`, Jeremiah Hammer, and our family of dogs.  Jeremiah and I share a vision for helping people.  He teaches the kids at Holy Family School about gardening and has cultivated their love for vegetables, as they often eat right from their school garden in which Jeremiah helps maintain.  He also helped start the McKinney Community Garden, also located at Holy Family School, and installs gardens for others at their home, teaching them how to maintain it and how to grow organically, without the use of pesticides or industrial fertilizers.  He is also involved in local politics, helping bring more of a voice to the everyday person of McKinney, running for City Council in 2011 and 2013. Remember to vote this May 11.

Whenever possible, I also find time to paint, draw, read and write.  I am active with the McKinney Creative Community, and write on a wide variety of topics, not just health care.  Our brains are such marvelous organs, and I love using mine to explore all areas of science and philosophy.  My virtual mentors are Stephen Hawking, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan, Phil Zimbardo, Ray Kurzweil, Gary Zukov, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce Lipton and many others.

I believe the outer universe is patterned like the inner universe, and we are the unique observers in between.  I believe our thoughts and emotions have much more to do with our health than mainstream medicine gives credence.  I believe healing comes from the inside, but we need outside help when we don’t pay attention to our body and allow other things to interfere.  I believe that a disease can be overcome naturally, to a point; and then medical interventions are needed.  I believe medical interventions should be a last resort after all natural remedies have been exhausted.  I believe that we are limited in our means of measurement and that once subtle energies are studied further, mainstream medicine will come to accept that we are electromagnetic beings capable of connecting to anything we want, healing or sickness, with our thoughts.  But I also believe that our beliefs can limit us, so I do not hold any belief to be concrete. I do believe in God, but that is also not a concrete notion. The God I know through reasoning and science is not the God that was taught to me in Catholic school.  The Universe is so much more expansive and intricate than what the Bible seeks to explain literally. To me, God made all that is seen and unseen.  To me, God is Consciousness.  And we are the physical manifestation of that Consciousness.

And I believe that my intentions for healing is what helps that Consciousness effect each individual I work on or with whom I speak, so their inner healing abilities can be restored.  For me, being a chiropractor is more than just moving bones or making structural corrections.  It is about evaluating the whole person, what creates the structural imbalances and how to correct them fully.  That means looking at the muscles, the diet, hydration, sleeping habits, postural habits, how a person works, their reactions to stress, how much movement or exercise they get, and how they think.  The true causes of problems lie much deeper than the actual symptoms.  We’re all in this world together.  And I am honored to help those who seek it.

(meaning: the Divine presense in me bows to the Divine presence in you.)


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