Tuesday , 19 June 2018

No Blame, No Complain

In this time of political positioning, high unemployment, horrible housing market, and weak economy is there really anyone to blame?  Let’s stop all the blaming and complaining.  It doesn’t really help all that much anyway.  Instead let’s focus on what we CAN DO.  All this news talk and no action are taking too much time away from consumers and small businesses.  It’s enough already and let’s get control over our own destiny.

What can be done?  Take the news stories with a grain of salt.  The news is a business – they sell advertising and have more business when they sensationalize stories – remember that.  This country is built on small businesses and large companies that were once small businesses.  There are over 33 million small businesses in the United States.  Small businesses spark to our economy and until we, as consumers, have the courage to spend a little, honestly, not much is going to change.  The government talks of bail-outs, income tax changes, spending limits, but so what?  It’s the old adage “give a person a fish” versus “teach a person to fish”.  We need to start to fishing and spur the creation of US jobs.

Here is a call to action:  At least once a month purchase 1 or more products from a small business.  Stop Blaming and Stop Complaining.

If we all purchased 1 additional product per month costing $25 per item from a small business we would be pumping at least $850,000,000 into our US economy EACH MONTH.   That’s at least $9,9000,000,000 a year.  That’s the start of growth and with it comes jobs.  We have got to start somewhere and have faith we, as consumers, can survive and thrive during these tough times.  It’s up to us to, not the government, to save the economy.

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