Thursday , 26 April 2018

Natural Stone: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home


Since the beginning of time, natural stone has been the building material of choice.  But which one is the right one for you?  Here, courtesy of the Jubilee Company of McKinney, and the Marble Institute of America, are a few things to consider as you make your decisions.

  • Color – Natural stone formed over millions of years and quarried from rock beds from all parts of the world offer a full spectrum of colors.  Blacks, whites, beiges, pinks, corals, greens and beyond, allow you a variety and the ability to choose the hues that reflect your personal tastes and sensibilities.  Whether you prefer the swirly veins of color offered by marble or the flecks and pebbled appearance of granite, one thing remains the same: no two pieces will be exactly the same, and will definitely be a one of a kind. 
  • Finish – While some will prefer a polished look, others will prefer a honed or flamed finish.  A polished finish is glossy, and reflects light.  The stone’s color and markings are distinct, and are usually showcased as furniture tops, floor tiles or on walls.  A honed finish, reflects very little light, and is generally used for floors, stair treads, and thresholds.  The rough textured surface of a flamed finished piece of stone can be found on granite floor tiles. 
  • Usage – As you consider how natural stone will be used in your home, consider the Measurement of Hardness (MOH) scale:  1 being the softest stone and 10 being the hardest.  Quartz-based granites rate in the “7” neighborhood, with most marbles rating around “3”.  Keep in mind softer stones require gentler cleansers, and care to prevent surface scratching.
  • Marble – Found in the mountainous regions of the globe, marble is ideal for countertops, foyers, bathrooms, floors, and hearths.  Easy maintenance, sophisticated appearance and beautiful characteristics, what’s not to love about marble? 
  • Granite – Truly the super-hero of natural stone, granite is one of the most popular choices out there.  Granite earns its well deserved rep with its durability, longevity, and strength.  It is heat resistant, as well as, resistant to most bacteria, and is not affected by common spills such as, coffee, tea, juices, and wines.  It is virtually impossible to scratch, and with proper care, will not stain.  Think granite when considering kitchen countertops, floors, and paving, both inside and out. 

The Jubilee Company, located at 455 Country Road 984 in McKinney, stocks, fabricates, and installs, beautiful granite and marble countertops.  With more than 40 varieties to choose from, The Jubilee Company offers one of the largest on-site slab inventories in the area.  Additionally, Jubilee Company customers can also enjoy one-stop convenience when seeking shower enclosures, frameless shower doors, glass shower doors, and mirrors.  For your free estimate, call 972-529-2140 or click


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