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Myths and Legends: A Walk Through Pecan Grove Cemetery

cemetary-1McKinney is fortunate enough to have citizens who are invested in preserving its extensive and interesting history. And for the month of October, allow to shed light on not only McKinney’s history, but also the places that still live and breathe it. Each week until Halloween, TSB will partner with TexPart Paranormal to explore some of McKinney’s most sinister urban legends and how they came to be.

Our first installment is a place where the silence speaks for itself. Pecan Grove Cemetery, home to many. From the founding families of McKinney to Free Masons,Woodsmen and Civil War soldiers. Each grave offers a glimpse into the many lives of the citizens who once lived here. The Throckmortons, Halls and Waddills are some of the prominent families buried on the property that helped build McKinney from the ground up. From within, Ross Cemetery and Potter’s Field help make up the 57-acres that is Pecan Grove.cemetary-2

With such a long history, myths and legends are bound to manifest. For example, within Pecan Grove, if the founding families deemed someone not worthy enough to be buried along with the other families, they were laid to rest in the historically black Ross Cemetery.

Cemeteries also conjure thoughts of spirits and haunting, although why shouldn’t they? “We got to the cemetery right after the sun had set,” said Amanda Denton (Co-Founder of Grayson Paranormal Society). “Upon arriving, we all started getting vibes about the place.” It is a resting place, a place where people died from the Spanish Flu or from the flood in 1846 that wiped out entire families. Memories litter the soil of the grassy knoll that is Pecan Grove, so it is no surprise that allegations of children laughing at night near the “Infant Rest” area or sounds of military drumming in the distance are reported by many who visit this macabre site.

Whatever your beliefs may be it is impossible to deny that Pecan Grove, just like McKinney, is a beautiful place, but underneath there is a history that cannot be ignored and for some it won’t be.

Join us next week as we creep through the forgotten homes of Chestnut Square.

Photos by TSB’s Sawyer Erickson

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