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Motorist generally at fault in accidental acceleration, says study

Motorist generally at fault in accidental acceleration, says study
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Motorist generally at fault in accidental acceleration, says study

Many people have become concerned about unintended acceleration, especially in the wake of the Toyota scandal. A recent study requested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that driver mistake was typically to blame in cases of unintended acceleration. The NHTSA study also found aged women were the most frequent offender. With a credit car loan, you can get a brand new car that works correctly.


Most of the time it is the driver


Accidental acceleration is an issue that concerns many people. The NHTSA did an investigation into the recalled Toyota vehicles that had the acceleration problem. The public has been very concerned with the issue ever since.


Motorist error has brought on accidental acceleration in some of the incidents of it during the whole Toyota affair, according to NASA, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and MSNBC.


Only cases of unintended acceleration were reviewed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in a recent study that was released. It was not specifically looking at the Toyota case. It did show, however, that over 60 percent of accidental acceleration accidents are from the driver’s mistake and not the vehicle.


Places where people park cars


The Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina was one of the businesses that did the study. It was also done by TransAnalytics. People most commonly would accidently step on the gas pedal in cases of unintended acceleration. There were 2,400 crashes, 900 news reports and a few other sources all incorporated in the study, all having to do with unintended acceleration.


Most people want to one day buy a new automobile


The majority of the time, accidental acceleration was seen in parking lots and driveways. The Daily Mail explained that 60 percent of the group were female, and 40 percent were female and over the age of 76. The most common ages for unintended acceleration were for people younger than 21 or older than 75. Between those two figures, there were hardly any incidents reported, according to the Daily Mail.


People under 21 and older than 75 were given executive function tests, and they generally ended up with lower scores. Brains do not fully develop until adulthood, and then they start to deteriorate with age. This is a possible reason.


Brake override suggested


The study’s authors suggested that part of the reason fewer accidents occur on motorways as opposed to parking lots and driveways is that drivers have more time to react while on a freeway, if they mistakenly apply the accelerator pedal rather than the brake.


Lawmakers, after the government investigation into the Toyota problem, have decided that a brake override may be a good idea in case accidental acceleration occurs. It is unknown how many people had the issue in Toyota due to the motorist and the way many had an electrical problem.





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