Thursday , 21 June 2018

Miss McKinney Continues Preparations for Fall Pageant

By Kristin Zodrow, TSB Staff

While home in McKinney for winter break, Kaitlyn Sicula was simply doing her job selling shoes when she was presented with the experience that most every girl has dreamed of at some point in her life —wearing a real tiara.

Working at DSW in Allen, Sicula was approached by a customer who presented her with the opportunity to compete in pageants, a journey she has pursued ever since.

This 20-year-old University of Oklahoma student and McKinney High School graduate, will compete in Miss Texas USA 2014 in Houston, starting Aug. 30 with the chosen title Miss McKinney. Sicula has lived in McKinney since the age of two and attended Valley Creek Elementary Scool and Faubion Middle School. 

“As we were talking she started asking me about pageants and if I had ever thought of doing them,” Sicula said. “I kept trying to change the subject, but she was so persistent. She finally wound up giving me her business card, sending me her credentials and, after talking with my mom, we decided there was nothing to lose and [we] got set up to register for Miss Dallas 2014.”

Sicula has competed in Miss Dallas 2014 and Miss Tarrant County 2014. Sicula said her newly chosen status as Miss McKinney does not affect her official title of Miss Tarrant County. 

“Miss Dallas was a bigger competition with a lot of experienced girls for me to learn from,” she said. “While I didn’t place, I was announced in the top three for Best Swimsuit. Miss Tarrant County was my most recent competition and I was awarded Best Evening Gown and I even got to take home the crown.”

To many this may seem like a dream, but Sicula said she acknowledges the reality of the routine and requirements as she focuses to maintain what she calls “a competitive drive.”

“I like to call these next few weeks ‘actual crunch time’ as opposed to the regular crunch time we’ve been in,” she said. “It will be busy since I’m required to be at school the four weeks directly preceding the pageant, but I’ll keep my focus on nutrition and fitness. I’ll be driving to and from to get in appearances, meetings and fittings. I’ll have phone and Skype sessions with my coach, hair and make-up appointments all the while preparing and participating in Sorority Recruitment and the first week of school.”

Despite the demands and stress, Sicula said she loves the prep work and what she is doing.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so worn out,” she said. “Preparing for a pageant means being on-point all the time. I’m constantly striving to become my best self and ‘out-good’ myself and I’ve been given so many tools through fitness coaching and interview coaching, not to mention picking out the right gown and figuring out the best way to present myself. My absolute main focus is to have fun because if I’m not having fun then I’m not enjoying this experience and reaping all of the benefits.”

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