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MISD Middle Schools Moving to 7-Period Days

McKinney ISD was recently faced with the following challenge.  How can we increase instructional time in Math and Science without compromising our Fine Arts program and other elective offerings?  In addition, due to significant State cuts in funding, how can McKinney ISD accommodate a rising middle school population without adding additional staffing? 

The only viable solution was to move from the current 8 period day at middle schools, to a 7 period day, which is similar to our high schools.

Instructional Focus:

Increase instructional time for Math and Science classes, while not jeopardizing our Fine Arts and elective opportunities for students.

Financial implications:

Utilize staff in the most efficient manner possible and enable middle school campuses to accommodate growth in student population in grades 6-8 without adding additional staffing.

What does a 7 period day look like versus an 8 period day?

7 Period Day
52-minute periods – Cockrill, Dowell, Faubion, Johnson
51-minute periods – Evans (due to longer passing periods required)
Single block English/Language Arts – ELA (Curriculum integration of reading/writing)
Double block 6th grade Math (all levels)   
Elective choices:
    6th-1 elective
    7th-2 electives
    8th-3 electives

8 Period Day
45-minute periods
Double block ELA
    (Reading and Writing
    curriculum not
    integrated throughout subjects)     
   Elective choices:
    6th-1 elective
    7th-2 electives
    8th-3 electives
What is the cost savings, or cost avoidance, of a 7 period day versus an 8 period day in McKinney ISD?

Moving to a 7 period day will lower the average class size from 28 to 24. Achieving the same reduction in average class size using the current 8 period schedule would require hiring 43 additional teachers at a cost of $2.4 million.

Could we afford an 8 period day, accommodate student growth, and maintain the smaller average class size if we really wanted to? 

No.  Due to significant cuts in State funding this is not a viable option. In addition, the 7 period day is a more efficient way to maintain academic rigor while at the same time lowering the average class size at our middle schools.

When will the change take effect? 

The new 7 period day will be implemented next school year, for the 2012-2013 school year.  However, the middle schools will provide additional information to parents in advance of registration and course selection.  Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks.

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