Friday , 27 April 2018

Mike Bruu: A Look Back & Ahead at TSB’s Sports Section

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

It’s a week filled with graduation ceremonies and parties.

This is the time of year when many young adults close a huge chapter of their lives and embark on a new adventure. Whether that is done through a high-profile job, college, or just waiting tables at the Olive Garden, millions of kids will take their first steps into adulthood. Even though I am two years removed from graduating high school, it still feels sometimes like I walked the stage yesterday. While I would never want to go back, I admit I was naïve in thinking that college would make my life so much easier and stress-free.

If you would like to laugh at those thoughts, I’ll give you a second to do so. …

After deciding to stay in town for a couple years and attend Collin College, I was lucky enough to find two different jobs at the Frisco mall and become an assistant coach on a youth baseball team.

Just when I was starting to find a good balance between school and work, something incredible happened to me. I was walking around Dick’s Sporting Goods one afternoon last November when Angie Bado, the founder and owner of, gave me a call. She asked if I would like to talk about sports writing for the web site. Apparently she had found one of my columns I had posted on my dad’s blog from a co-worker and said that she really liked it. When I told her that I had no journalism experience, she told me her team of writers would help me out with anything I needed and that I could learn on the fly. We agreed to meet over coffee to talk details, but to be honest there was no way  I was walking out of that Starbucks without the job.

Even though I knew I would be throwing a monkey wrench into my already hectic schedule, I was getting a chance to fulfill one of my true passions in life … writing about sports on a large platform.

Now while the last seven months haven’t always been easy, I have never been so happy to “go to work” in my entire life. I love going to staff meetings on Monday mornings because I know that right after I get to hop on a podcast with my editor and fellow sports geek Steve Kirk and have fun for a couple hours. I look forward to going out to games and practices because I get to interact with coaches and learn things about the games that I have never known before. And late at night, I look forward to sitting in front of my laptop and writing whatever stories I covered that evening, whether that be a feature story on the football scrimmages or my Numbers Game column. I look forward to it all.

In a week filled with looking back at the past and honoring those who have gotten you to this point, I would like to thank everyone at TownSquareBuzz for everything you have done for me these past seven months. I appreciate you guys for allowing me to be creative and try some new things out with the sports section, even if they haven’t always been a success. Thank you for never getting frustrated with me and helping me get to the point where I am confident enough to write a game story without having to call Steve with a million questions. I might still be a little wordy at times but I’m working on it.

I am here at TSB for the long haul, despite my upcoming enrollment at the University of North Texas, and I would like to address the TSB readers on what you can expect from the sports section and myself when high school sports get back in the fall:

1. My intention is to get a local sports podcast up and going in the next couple weeks that is separate from The Sports Bruu Podcast. The local podcast will cover strictly high school sports and will have athletes and coaches on the show for short interviews to allow different programs to gain exposure around town.

2. I intend to have football season covered, wall-to-wall, with game previews every week equipped with comments from coaches and players.

3. I would also like to take advantage of Twitter next fall, where I can live tweet whichever game I am at so fans that can’t attend can stay current with the action.

4. Finally, I am going to focus on the student-athlete more this next sports year, with more feature stories and more interviews with kids. While you can gain a lot of insight by talking to coaches the games are ultimately about the athletes, and allowing them to talk about what they saw on the field or even share an emotional story about their life will be a tremendous thing for the player, his or her family, and you the reader.

Just like these players and coaches must do every offseason, I fully intend to continue to evaluate how I did this season and if there are any more ways that I can improve my sports section next fall.

Wait, what did you say? Being a sports writer doesn’t have an offseason or a summer break?

I guess that’s why they say growing up is so much fun.

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