Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Michele Stevens Bernard: Carpe Diem Y’all

People who take Great Ideas to Reality inspire me.  These are the folks who put their thinking caps on, and hitch up their britches to wade knee-deep into the business of creating something where nothing used to be.  These are the people who come together for a common cause, and combine their resources to make It happen, whatever It happens to be.

Such is how McKinney’s Community Garden is coming to be.  A couple of neighbors had a conversation over dinner one night, about a community need.  They wondered out loud, “What should we do?”   And then, they did something remarkable.  They told others about their Great Idea, and acted on it, as did the others.  Today, I am happy to report, they are working with the city and are taking the necessary steps to make this Great Idea a Reality.

Such is how the McKinney Creative Community came to be.  A writer and an artist ran into each other one day.  “Yes, we have neat jobs, but gosh, it gets lonely in our solitary studios.  Wouldn’t be cool to get together with other creative types every so often to socialize and share?” As the saying goes, these two told two friends, and they told two friends.  I’m happy to report that on September 13th, this group that hosts an online community and gets together once a month to break bread and compare notes, will celebrate its one year anniversary at 122 members strong. 

Such is how McKinney’s Arts and Music Guild came to be.  A few artists and musicians had a conversation, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place of our own, where we can create, collaborate, learn and educate others in arts and music?”  They went on a fact finding mission, all the while sharing their Great Idea with others along the way.  Today, I am happy to report, they will host their first major event.  The Music in Motion event will be held Oct. 28th-29th at Chestnut Square.

And, such is how the McKinney Music Mash Up came to be.  “Wouldn’t it be great fun to help up and coming singers get a leg up while raising money for the McKinney Performing Arts Center?”  After sharing their Great Idea with others, 85 hopefuls followed through on their own Great Ideas by uploading videos of themselves singing their hearts out for our online votes.  I’m happy to report that on September 10th, the top 20 individuals and groups will perform live before a panel of judges, and compete for $2,500 in cash prizes and the opportunity to open for  Taylor Hicks on September 17th, who by the way, has a brother who had the Great Idea that Taylor should try out for American Idol.

I think the difference between the above mentioned folks and the rest of us with Great Ideas, has to do with ones willingness to release that Great Idea into the world.  The common denominator seems to be their eagerness to share their inspiration with others as they march on toward Reality.
So, I’m asking you:  Let others in on your Great Idea.   I know it seems daunting.  It can be risky business.  You might even encounter those ugly triplets: the laughers, the mockers, and the naysayers.  But, I say, put on your big kid britches and do it anyway.  I like to believe that most people actually do have the best interest of others and the community at heart.  I also like to believe that people are eager and willing to help take a Great Idea to Reality.  Of course, I know that isn’t always the case, but just think about it.  Wouldn’t it be a Great Idea if it were? 

Carpe Diem Y’all, Michele


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