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MHS Royal Pride Band Musicians Prepare for UIL With MISD Solo & Ensemble Contest

MHS Royal Pride Band Musicians Prepare for UIL With MISD Solo & Ensemble Contest

MHS Royal Pride Band Musicians Prepare for UIL With MISD Solo & Ensemble Contest


Spring is in the air. It must be, since UIL is right around the corner. Even if the winter is longer than normal one can always be assured of knowing when UIL is scheduled. Each year the MISD holds its own Solo & Ensemble competition about two weeks before UIL. This really helps prep the students for competition by placing them in front of judges.

More than 50 MHS musicians competed in the MISD Solo/Ensemble this past weekend.  Congratulations are in order for the following students who received First Division, Superior ratings:

Kenny Baird 

Mark Bakke

Alex Birt

Kristen Bousquet

Ally Burke

Jospeh Cartier  

Shawn Devault  

Jordan Dunson

Sam Early          

Kenny Ely          

Jacob Essy          

Amanda Ebersberger

Zach Friesenhahn

Cody Gajak

Parker Gajak

Connor Gaus

James Greenhaw

Sara Herrera

Stephanie Herrera

David Herron

Kayla Hill

Daniel Hutchinson

Sayaka Ito

Austin Jeter

Derek Jeter

Sam Johnson

Alec Kelly

Maggie Korte

Brooke Kruppe

Jon Lindahl

Marissa Mattson

Jared McKlemurry

Drew Mills

Katie Morris

Joan Oakes

Austin Prince

Elizabeth Prokop

Lauren Regan

Holly Richter

Kyle Richter

Kyle Richter

Matthew Roberts

Alex Warren

Colin Wheeler


In addition, the following musicians also received awards as Outstanding Soloists:

Ben Johnson

Kailey Kelly

Austin Nestler

Connor Hampton

Carly Prince

Caitlin Roberts

Ashley Salazar



These musicians will be joined by the rest of the Award winning MHS Royal Pride Band as they all compete in the UIL Region 25 Band contests to be held later this month.

If you’ve never been to UIL you owe yourself at least one trip. You’ve never seen anything quite as fast paced as the preparations made by the band and directors right before the sight reading contest. Typically, directors are given the music right before the band must perform. They have only a few minutes to brief their students on a music score they have never seen before. You will be awed by the intensity in the room and the ability of your musicians to listen, adapt and play new music. They get one shot and you do not want to miss it!

Join the Royal Pride and support your local MISD musicians as they compete in the 2011 UIL Region 25 contest. This year’s UIL will be held at McKinney North High School between April 19-21. Please take note of the following times for Royal Pride performances.

April 19th

Symphonic 1:

  • 9:30 am Stage Performance
  • 10 am Sight Reading

April 21st

Honors Band:

  • 1:15 p.m. Stage Performance
  • 2 p.m. Sight Reading

Helpful Hints:

[1] Arrive early – Entrance to the Stage and Sight Reading venues are usually restricted to times when Bands are NOT performing. You will be allowed to slip in between performances, usually in the change over as the bands are entering and exiting the Stage.

[2] Know where the Site Reading venue is located. When the band finishes with its Stage Performance you will usually want to move to the Sight Reading access point and be ready to follow the band inside. If you plan to do this please also know that you will need to respect their focus and concentration. Once things start moving spectators need to remain completely silent and provide absolutely no distraction for the musicians.


Check out the Royal Pride Band in action here ==>

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