Wednesday , 25 April 2018

MHS Construction in Full Swing This Summer with Phase Two

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

Although it seems like the construction at McKinney High School is never ending, believe it or not phase one of the project has officially been completed. got a chance to revisit with McKinney ISD Director of Construction Corey Gililland to discuss the plans for phase two.

“The first year of the work consisted of site work and all new building construction, with just a little bit of renovation that took place last summer,” Gililland said. “This summer we are concentrating on completing all of the new additions and taking on a big portion of the renovations.”

Many areas of the building had to be torn apart, such as the cafeteria, classrooms and science rooms that are in the center of the building.  

“We have also made changes to the athletic areas and renovated the old band hall into the new orchestra room,” Gililland said. “The kitchen was completely taken out and it will receive all new equipment and serving lines. New floor tile, ceilings, and lighting are also being completed.”

With all of the construction happening this summer, the building is completely shut down and the MHS staff has been relocated to McKinney North High.

“The main building is shut down to the entire staff,” Gililland said. “The principal and assistant principals moved over to McKinney North High School at the beginning of the summer. They have recently moved back to their new administration offices on July 15th. MHS athletics have been on site but were in the multi-purpose building so they could run their camps in their own facility. The swimming pool has also been open the entire summer for swim lessons.”

However, it can’t all be completed this summer and there will still be some construction this fall during the school year.
“Those areas consist of the old library, which will be the new childcare facility and the remainder of the classrooms,” Gililland said. “The multi-purpose building which contains athletics received its new addition, and the remainder of the renovations will be complete before school starts.”

The completion date for construction is Jan. 1, 2014 and McKinney High School will be sawdust and machine free, and maybe now it won’t be as difficult for students to take a test on top of the loud hammering and construction workers on the roof.

To read more on the MHS contrsturciton check out previous stories by two MHS graduates. Christine Baker’s Story, MHS Construction Director: `We Wanted to Remodel the Building Completely’ ; and Catherine Festa’s MHS Students Adapt to Headaches and Luxuries of New Building 

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